Bicycles, Belgium and beer

OK, folks who have read this blog in the past may remember some plans afoot for an epic cycling trip that Doc and I were planning, trailing down the east coast from John O Groats back to Edinburgh over the space of a week and taking in as many distilleries as possible along the way. Well, the plan has been shelved, at least for the meantime. You see, it just wasn’t epic enough. Instead we’re cycling from Edinburgh across the Forth Road Bridge to Rosyth where we’ll hop on a ferry and take a leisurely overnight sail to Zeebrugge. Then it’s off for a week navigating the paths along Belgium’s extensive canal network and tipping the hat to a plethora of breweries along the way.

flyer_2008We’ve even got a rough date set, it was set for us in fact. You see there’s a small town called Anvaing, close to the French border, which just so happens to be celebrating the 30th anniversary of it’s Festival Of 100 Beers on the weekend of August 15th. Not only that but as part of the celebrations they hold – and I have no idea why – an 8-hour cycle race, open to all-comers! Seems like it was meant to be…

In other news, with a bit of luck the flat will be sold soon. We have some buyers lined up but, as with everything else in my life, there have been complications piled on complications and we’ve been on the verge of losing the sale for a week or so. Not what you want after 12 months on the market. Anyway it seems the problems lie with the solicitors we used to originally buy the place and if our current solicitor is correct they should be liable for any costs pertaining to the problems, including loss of the sale if it comes to that. We hope to hear what’s going to happen either today or tomorrow so fingers crossed.

Also I finally managed to get my bike back out of the repair shop yesterday and cycled it back up to the flat. I can still remember how to do it which is a relief but I tell you it was right scary. Every time another vehicle came close I could feel my heart rate increase, probably to be expected since this was my first time back on the road since the accident but disconcerting and a touch annoying nonetheless. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt my shoulder at all, even going over bumps, but there’s still a hell of a lot of pain in the ribs.

(OK, some of the rib pain was my own fault. Going urban exploring with Doc and Jane after lunch at the Whisky Society and several truly evil, dark, foreign beers in The Pond is definitely not a good idea for people still in recovery mode)

Apart from that all is well. The formulation of the master plan is coming along nicely with some possible fringe benefits including a possible night in Amsterdam to see Suicidal Tendencies, a night in London with some online chums and a wee jaunt across the pond to see my old man in Toronto and a friend in California. Oh, and there’s the (first?) Thailand trip in 6 weeks. More on that once the flat situation settles down…


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