Back in the land of the living

Things have been quiet around here for a while, mostly because I’ve been busy recovering and not really much in the mood for typing too much. Without going over the details of the accident I was left with bruised ribs and bad ligament damage in my right shoulder, nothing broken but apparently ligament damage is more painful and takes longer to heal. Not what I needed right now but them’s the breaks. Basically there’s nothing the doctors can do about it except tell me to let it heal and give me painkillers while that happens so I’ve been left to grin and bear it for the foreseeable future.

It’s amazing how dependent we are on a functioning set of ribs for our daily duties. I reckoned it would be the shoulder that posed the most problems, what with me being right-handed and all, but I found it’s remarkably easy to adapt to using the other hand for a while. Fair enough I was reduced to eating one-handed food for a while (tins of soup and takeaway pizza) but now I can get by with slowly bringing it back into action. The ribs are another story. Every time I take a step it impacts on my ribs. Every time I twist, bend over, breathe, laugh, cough, get in or out of bed, put on or remove clothes, or basically do anything it somehow involves ribs. There’s no escaping it, the painkillers do nothing for it and I haven’t had a good nights sleep in ten days because there is no sleeping position which doesn’t involve pressure on the ribs.

Give it a few weeks though and I’ll be right as rain :p

In other news it turns out my new boss sucks on a whole new level of suckery. Last week I worked half days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and had to take Wednesday off altogether as I was in a lot of pain and hadn’t slept at all the night before, not a wink. I called work to let everyone know, safe in the knowledge that all my essential tasks had been farmed out to other colleagues, but was met with my boss demanding a sick note. Fair enough, he needs to do his paperwork although he could have been a bit more tactful about it.

On Friday however I was called into his office in the morning to discuss the situation and he informed me that of the 5.5 days I had been absent I would only be paid for the first 2.5 and the rest could be taken as either holidays or unpaid leave due to the discretionary sick pay policy. This despite the fact that the doctor had told me I shouldn’t be in work at all till today! Phrases used included “I’m trying to run a business here and can’t not be knowing when you’ll be here”, “I have to set a precedent” and the classic “due to the circumstances of the accident”.

What circumstances? I was hit by a fucking van while cycling! And as for not knowing when I’ll be there, does he expect me to notify him in advance the next time I plan on being involved in a road traffic accident? FInally it’s quite a precedent to set – making sure every employee knows that if they ever get injured or fall ill they’re putting their income at risk. Way to inspire loyalty…

Well at least I’m in a better state than my dad. He came off his motorbike in Toronto and has just returned home from a short stay in hospital, being treated for two breaks in the collarbone, a broken shoulder, multiple broken ribs and a punctured lung. Silly bugger, just had to go stealing my thunder. I’ll have to go all-out to beat him.

That’s all for now, my shoulder gets sore remarkably quickly while typing despite keeping my arm stationary. Back to the joys of working for a scumbag.


3 responses to “Back in the land of the living

  1. CJ, you are definitely buggered up. Sorry to hear of all this. Luckily I have never broken a rib but I think I can sort of imagine what it is like. Broke a collar bone once and that was bad enough, reckon ribs would be worse.

    Can’t you get a sick note from the doctor covering all the time you have been off (and more maybe)?

    Obviously no point in saying “take care” when vans come out of nowhere. Get well soon, I have missed your bloggy thoughts.


  2. I already had a sick note, covering me for more time than I actually took off. Unfortunately our company’s sick pay policy is entirely discretionary so basically it’s up to the boss whether he pays us or not, regardless of medical advice. If I’d gone out and picked a fight and ended up in hospital then it’d be understandable, my fault entirely. The way he handled this is beyond the pale though, just lucky I made it in this week or I’d be even more out of pocket.

  3. Sheeesh! What feudal laws! “Discretionary”!

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