The joys of teh intarwebs

Booted up Firefox this morning, had a quick look at my feeds in Google Reader and found it to be overflowing with an abundance of riches. Of course I only subscribe to the best of feeds so that’s usually the case but today I decided to share a few of the choicest picks.

First is the redesign/relaunch of Fundies Say The Danrdest Things, a gem of a site dedicated to collecting the most insane and unbelievable quotes from religious fundamentalists on various forums across the web. Now obviously these quotes are from lowest-common-denominator types so should not be taken as indicative of the religions they purport to represent. Still, it makes for great car-crash reading 🙂 Random quote:

“How do we know that what’s in the bible is fact? God tells us it’s fact. The logic is infallible.

(As an added bonus they now collect similar rantings from the internet’s two other favourite groups of whack-jobs – racists and conspiracy theorists!)

A related post from Hermant Mehta’s awesome Friendly Atheist blog links to a short film of actors reading some of the best fodder from the Fundies site – it’s hilarious, they capture the attitude just perfectly.

Bruce Schneier is up next, linking to a short article on causes of death in the USA. I’m sure most people vaguely know these statistics but it’s always good to get a reminder – it’s a sanity check in an age when our governments try to strip away every civil liberty they can in the name of protecting us from the nebulous, omnipresent spectre of terrorism. Where exactly do Bin Laden and his merry men appear on the list of deadly threats to American lives?

(A clue – the total number of terrorist-related deaths is approximately 1/6 of the number who died from peanut allergies…)

stupidA couple of posts relating to medical tomfoolery next. First up is the ever-reliable Quackometer with a timely dissection of fraudulent (and dangerous) practices in the bizarrely revered world of traditional Chinese medicine. Seriously, if that hoodoo works so well then why are doctors all over China abandoning it in their droves and clamouring for some good old evidence-based Western medicine? Next is a thorough smackdown of Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey’s appearance on the Larry King show where, as usual, they demonstrated their keen, incisive medical knowledge by appealing to parents across the country to stop vaccinating their children against potentially fatal diseases. Evil and ignorant cunts, the pair of them. Haven’t watched a Jim Carrey film since I discovered he was involved in this shit.

That was a bit heavy though so here’s a unicorn chaser from English Russia, rapidly becoming one of my most-visited online destinations. Apparently stray dogs in Moscow are becoming rather intelligent in their urban lives – getting trains to work, hatching schemes to get food, that sort of thing. I really want to adopt one of the little fellas 🙂

That’s your lot, if you want more fun just go to Boing-Boing and they can do the work for me :p


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