Oops, been lazy

Just realised I’ve been neglecting this blog, must remedy that. I’ve actually been kinda busy doing other things and it’s not left me much time to spew out any random thoughts for posterity. The list includes:

  • physio on the sprained ankle, which is now almost complete
  • started running training again – 5.3k every morning!
  • getting seriously into weight training at the gym
  • some long cycles, like out to the Falkirk Wheel
  • getting back into Warcraft (not at previous insane levels though)
  • actually chilling out and reading, watching TV, etc
Nashville Pussy - if it ain't from Tennessee, it ain't worth shit

Nashville Pussy - if it ain't from Tennessee, it ain't worth shit

So yeah, I have an excuse. That list is going to get longer as well seeing as I have to start back at Muay Thai pretty damn soon seeing as the Thailand trip is only 12 weeks away, plus we potentially have a buyer for the flat so I’ll possibly be spending time looking at new properties and all the associated headaches which go along with that. Oh, and there’s a Taiko drumming workshop I want to go to. And the Supersuckers/Nashville Pussy gig. And the Alestorm gig at Studio 24 which is going to rock the piratical casbah. Oh yeah, there’s the Iron Maiden movie too, Flight 666. Speaking of movies I’ll be dropping past the Filmhouse to catch a few choice flicks at Dead By Dawn, although I’m not attending the whole event this year. That’s the weekend of the Great Edinburgh 10k Run too. And that’s all just in the next few weeks

Fucking hell, that’s a lot. Since when did I do so much stuff?

Also got another crazy idea in the works. I’d hoped to be able to run the Edinburgh half marathon last Sunday but my ankle wasn’t properly healed in time and I didn’t want to risk a worse injury so I had to sit it out. However my colleague mentioned that his brother in law frequently runs the Barra half marathon – aka the Barrathon – and that I should give it a shot. Well it’s unfortunately fully booked but it’s part of a Hebrides series which includes the Skye half on the 13th of June, I’m thinking that should be just about perfect. Hire a car, nip up there for a weekend of running and whisky with random strangers, what could be better?

Jesus. Getting tired just thinking about all that…


One response to “Oops, been lazy

  1. phew, i need to sit down now. go man go!

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