Gotta love this country…

I find it amusing that the police and government seem to love camera surveillance so much, almost entirely ineffectual as it is, yet they don’t seem to realise that the widespread availability of cheap, compact, high quality video equipment means they can’t get away with their bully-boy tactics any more without someone recording the moment for posterity. Here’s a shining example, cops wading into a crowd engaged in the very definition of peaceful protest with riot shields and batons flailing every which way. My ex knows of my distaste for the filth. This is why.

Warning: Footage may cause boilage of blood.

This is how we deal with peaceful protest in the UK. We have more surveillance cameras per capita than any other country. We’re trying to force all citizens to carry ID despite having an appaling record of IT security breaches and failures, as well as a technologically illiterate government. And people wonder why we protest?


One response to “Gotta love this country…

  1. paulyrichard

    I agree with everythin’ you say. I was there at the protests and corralled like herds of cattle indiscriminately without any recourse to water, food or even a toilet break.
    The police literally acted like pigs!

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