Wildtype, Cryoverbillionaires and Shutter

Monday again already? Jesus, that weekend disappeared pretty damn quickly. Guess that’s what happens when you actually do stuff instead of mooching around all day.

shutterI went (well, hobbled along) to a cracking gig at Sneaky Pete’s on Friday featuring the wonderful Wildtype, the corking Cryoverbillionaires and the shimply shuperb Shutter (can’t believe I’ve resorted to cheating on alliteration) and it reminded me why I love live music, local bands and scuzzy wee venues.

The boys from Weaponised Interdimensional Lovecraftian Defense Troop, Yog-sothoth Platoon, Edinburgh (Wildtype) played a blinder on Sneaky Pete’s unfeasibly tiny stage and managed to crank out some awesome sound given the acoustically unfriendly nature of the room. Ehdee’s distorted bass in particular sounded exceedingly sexy and I’m seriously loving Marky screaming “When someone asks you if you’re a god, you say YES!!!”. Anyway I’ve written about them before, their rock credentials are a matter of record, so I’ll move on.

I’d never seen Cryoverbillionaires before and was going to just hang by the bar and chat during their set, being the rude inattentive swine with an aversion to anything new that I am. However, some strange force pulled me over to centre stage just as they were setting up and I’m glad it did.  Now I was all set to dislike these guys – too high a beard quotient, wearing the bass too high to be cool, smiling on stage, etc – and I set my carefully crafted Shield Of Solid Cynicism ™ to it’s highest apathy factor.

And the bastards smashed right through it without breaking a sweat.

Their set was not what I expected at all, it was seriously chirpy and dancy punk/emo type stuff which I should hate but for some reason had me grinning like a loon and toe-tapping away. Loads of cheesy yet heartfelt lyrics sung in a proud Scots accent over powerful bass lines, piercing guitar melodies and some truly hyperactive drumming – for some reason it made me think of what Placebo might have sounded like if they hailed from these shores and were full of happiness and Irn-Bru. Not to mention a number with a drum machine which worked far better than it had any right to. Their guitar amp cut out now and again but fantastically it always managed to do so in time with the music – I actually though it was deliberate till they mentioned it! I’ve not had a chance to listen to their tunes on MySpace yet so they might not live up to expectations but they’re playing a load of gigs in the next few months so I recommend catching them, especially if you’re in a bad mood.

Shutter really blew me away though. They’re yet another band I’ve played with in the past, having Ehdee Wildtype’s brother Matt on guitar, although I hadn’t seen them in years mostly due to unforgiveable laziness on my part. I don’t really want to try to describe their music because I’ll end up doing it an injustice, making inevitable lazy comparisons (Mogwai and any other instrumental band) and failing to capture the effect it has. I almost went into a trance for the duration of the set, I could have sworn when they left the stage they’d only been on for five minutes. Their beautiful wall of noise had me totally captivated but at the same time drifting off into my own wee land of pleasant daydreams, only occasionally surfacing to squint at the guitars and try to figure out how the hell Matt and Pete were making those delicious noises.

Go to their Myspace site, listen to their tunes, go to their gigs. They’re my new favourite flavour of ice cream.

Stop press! They’re on YouTube too, here’s a video of them performing the ball-punchingly lovely Hope In The Skies in Inverness.

Got more to post about the weekend’s antics and some potential awesome news but that’s going to have to wait till later in the week. Plus I don’t want to dilute the splendour of Shutter 🙂


One response to “Wildtype, Cryoverbillionaires and Shutter

  1. Huh. I guess you had to be there. 🙂 COB not bad. Thanks for the post.

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