Still alive…

Hmm, forgot about this blog thing over the weekend. I’ve been too busy doing real life things and generally enjoying life to spend more time in front of a screen than I really need to 🙂

It was a beautiful weekend as far as the weather went so after a quick trip to the gym on Saturday morning for iron-pumpage I decided to take the bike out for a quick spin. I’d never really been along the Union Canal before so I looked at the map and noticed that out in Slateford it intersects the Water Of Leith so I decided to head out that far then head down to Leith and back up to the flat. According to MapMyRun the whole circuit was about 23km which seemed about perfect for my mood.


I’d taken my sexy cycling jacket with me, albeit with the sleeves removed, just in case the weather took a typically Edinburghian turn for the worse but I’d removed that and was down to shorts and t-shirt by the time I’d left Holyrood Park. The Meadows was packed with sunseekers, almost every spare inch of grass being used for cricket, football, picnics or booze-fuelled revelry.

The sun had also brought the walkers out in force on the Canal towpath which was welcome in the sense that it made the place seem more alive but was still awkward given the narrowness of the path. It never ceases to amaze me how indignant people can be when they’re cruelly forced to move a whole two feet to one side in order to let a cyclist through. Never mind that they’re walking three abreast and taking up the entire path while moving at a snail’s pace – after all they own the place, don’t they?

Thankfully the walkway down the Water Of Leith was less busy for some reason and I got to pretend I was out in the wilds as I dodged and weaved down the dusty dirt trails. Some stretches of that waterway were just made for cycling down, like the area around Dean Village and the approach into Leith – gentle meandering paths down a slope just steep enough to give you an extra boost and make you feel like a proper athlete without doing too much work 🙂

A quick jaunt up an Easter Road packed with football traffic brought me pack home much sooner than expected so I just chilled, played a bit of Warcraft, read some Sandman and had the most leisurely shower imaginable before heading out for the evening.

Dinner at the Basement? Check.

The Watchmen at the Omni Centre? Check.

Looking forward to next weekend? Check.

And what’s happening next weekend? If the weather holds up it looks like a new friend and I will be heading out on the bikes to the Falkirk Wheel on Sunday. At 30-odd miles each way it’s just a tad more ambitious than Saturday’s run, in fact it’ll be the furthest I’ve cycled in one day by a decent margin, but it follows the Union Canal towpath all the way and should therefore be more or less level. Here’s hoping for an easy run out and a good meal at the wheel to refuel for the return leg.

Other than that? Well I finally got my ticket through for Nova Rock, was granted some surprise free chocolates from the ever-wonderful Hotel Chocolat as a reward for actually getting my mum something nice for Mother’s Day and I found out to my relief that my ankle is actually just sprained (rather than having a stress fracture) so I’ll be starting physio as of tomorrow. I’ve also decided to take advantage of the Bike To Work scheme which is in place at my office so I can get me a supersexy, light-as-a-feather road bike from the Bike Co-op – new toys are always good, especially when they’re cheap. Means I can spend some of my saved cash on an entry-level mountain bike too should the urge take me…

That’s all for now, may be light on the writing in the next wee while as I have other things on the go, despite being out of training till the ankle heals properly. Might just resort to posting random silliness and music videos in the meantime…


3 responses to “Still alive…

  1. lots of healthy outdoor stuff, good! gets you away from the sins of the flesh … or maybe that’s what you are looking for right now, sublimating it with all these biking frolics. 🙂

    keep well.

  2. Well if I maintain the cycling and all that it means I can indulge in more earthly delights with less guilt. Such as Sunday evening’s Hoegaarden and black Sambuca mistake with nasty takeaway food for afters…

  3. Fantastic work. Keep up the great stuff.

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