Short ‘n’ sweet

Not going to write for long, basically just sharing my chirpy, breezy mood! The sun has got its hat on, hip-hip-hip-hooray, and the deli across the road cooked up a particularly tasty batch of stovies today. I managed to get into something of a zone this morning at work so powered through a few tasks and left myself some breathing room for the afternoon. Jono has just walked in with a cup of coffee for me to make the afternoon even happier, and I still have three squares of Orkney Fudge and three Nairn’s Oatcakes in my drawer to enjoy with it.

To round off the hefty heap o’ happiness I’ve just had a fantastically relaxing yet energetic cycle along my current favourite lunchtime route, pictured here. Fair enough, it’s all on busy roads. But I like it.

marchmont-cycle-routeBasically I kick off along George Street and up Lothian Road, a good test of nerves, awareness and manoeuvrability. The traffic’s not so bad at lunchtime but the roadworks for the trams keep throwing a few curveballs my way in the form of angry/confused/fuckwitted drivers. After that mercifully brief gauntlet I head right at Tollcross for a fairly steep ride up Church Hill, along the side of Bruntsfield Links. The traffic’s calmer up this way and on a sunny day like this it’s generally full of happy people having happy lunches in a happy park.

This makes me happy.

From there it’s a swift left onto the stretch running from Church Hill to Grange Road, a lovely long straight with a slight downhill slope which gets steeper as you progress. You can seriously fly down this section if the traffic and lights are kind to you, either effortlessly freewheeling while you admire the oversized Georgian houses or pedalling like a madman and trying to set new land speed records. I like to do a bit of both.

The home stretch takes me down South Clerk Street and the Bridges, always a lot busier but plenty wide enough for me to duck and weave between cars and buses with precious little regard for personal safety. One of the quirks of Edinburgh’s weather is that the wind is always against you on this stretch.

Even when there is no wind.

After that it’s back to the office. So let’s recap. We’ve got stovies, coffee, sweets, a relaxed afternoon and an invigorating yet chilled cycle on an unseasonably beautiful day. I’m meeting friends for a couple of drinks tonight and have other arrangements for the rest of the weekend, despite my ankle keeping me away from running and Muay Thai. AND I actually remembered to buy a Mothers Day present BEFORE the day. Without mum reminding me!

Yes, it’s another good day.

I’ll leave you with the only song which can encapsulate my current feelings…


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