Doing my bit for the economy

Anyone who knows me or who has read the older posts on this blog will know that the last six months, for me, sucked on a level equivalent to a supermassive black hole. At various points I found myself suicidally depressed, unemployed, homeless (well, crashing on mates’ floors) and at the bottom of a hideous pit of insurmountable debt, often a combination of several of these at once.

A nightmare, in other words.

In order to escape from this situation I had to instil some pretty ruthless discipline in myself, both physical and fiscal. These new traits helped me through some difficult times and continue to serve me well.

On the financial side I managed to curb all ‘casual’ spending, quit smoking and cut back my drinking (to the point where I now have the tolerance of a three-week-old hamster) and actually started saving, all without having to become a total hermit or miss out on fun stuff like gigs. This typically Scottish frugality (miserliness?) had become massively deep-rooted without me even noticing so it was kind of odd to find myself actually sweating and hyperventilating* as I proceeded to make a serious dent in my modest nest egg last night.

Garmin 305, my new toy

Garmin 305, my new toy

Ticket to Nova Rock? Check

Flight to Austria (well, Bratislava anyway)? Check

Flights to Thailand? Check

Garmin 305 for running and cycling? Check

Of course there were the inevitable books and comics thrown in along the way, and I’ll add the bill for the bass and the lunch at the Whisky Society to the tab. With each progressive transaction my account balance dwindled further – I swear I could hear my card groaning under the strain – until I was somewhere in the region of £1,250 worse off. I actually had to get a glass of wine to steady my nerves, so alien was this monetary recklessness. On top of that I still have to buy a tent and sleeping bag for Austria plus several minor bits and bobs.

It’s all good though. I’d been procrastinating about the Thai flights for way too long, Nova Rock is going to be ludicrous weekend with good mates and the 305 should be a massive help in my exercise plan. Above all, I actually deserve this – I’ve put up with a load of shit recently without having done a single thing wrong, now it’s time for fun. It’s also good that I actually felt apprehensive about it, means that all this discipline has actually sunk in and I won’t just go back to my old ways as soon as things start to level out for me.

All booked up though! It’s all happening! Yay!

* – Okay, so the sweat and hyperventilation could have more to do with Gaz’s predilection for setting the thermostat to ‘tropical’ 🙂


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