Today was a good day

glassAah, it’s almost 6pm on Sunday and therefore almost time to go back to work but I don’t care cause I’m basking in the ever-comforting afterglow of a serious Sunday lunch. For some time now Doc and I have planned to head to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Leith for a bit of grub and a few drams to celebrate the fact that our respective employment contracts are no longer hanging by a thread. Today was the day and I’m eternally grateful to him for making the suggestion.

We both plumped for the same meal from their Sunday roast menu, half a corn-fed chicken with herb-roast potatoes, carrot mash and other assorted slices of deliciousness. I can say with complete certainty that it was the tastiest and most succulent chicken I have ever tasted, nothing else has come close. By the end of it I was a whisker away from pickign up the carcass and chewing off any remaining flesh but I figured that such comportment may be frowned upon in the Society, as relaxed as it is.

(Note to my ex, who I know reads this blog and loves chicken almost more than life itself – yes, it’s actually that good and only served on Sundays between 12:30 and 3:00. You need someone to sign you in. Find that someone!)

Obviously we weren’t just there for the food. We sampled maybe five different malts over the course of the afternoon, each one an utter treat. The bottle of Jacobite Spiced Ale was also quite fantastic and has me thinking it may be worthwhile picking up a membership for myself sometime soon.  An evening there with a healthy bank balance could turn into a disaster but it would be a classy, luxurious, civilised disaster…

Ibanez SP300-IPT - Ain't she pretty?

Ibanez SP300-IPT - Ain't she pretty?

In other news I traded in my old Epiphone Thunderbird bass and my Ashdown amp for a new bass yesterday, it’s an Ibanez SR300 in the Iron Pewter colour. I loved the looks of the Thunderbird but unfortunately Epiphone don’t pay much attention to build quality so it was heavy as hell and was incredibly unbalanced, resulting in the head hanging down and you having to use energy to hold the neck up while playing. Energy thus spent is energy denied to the gods of rock and this will not stand! The Ibanez, in totally contrast is beautifully balanced, light as a feather and just feels wonderful – the neck is smooth and slender, the body perfectly moulded to yours, the action so finely honed it almost plays itself. I’ve barely stopped using it since I bought it, like a 33-year old kid with a new musical toy 🙂

Final word for today, I was out at the crack of dawn to run the 10k route proposed for the BUPA Great Edinburgh Run in May as part of my build-up to the half marathon. Managed it in a reasonable time, good for a first effort but needs improving, and was really impressed by the course. On paper it seems pretty straightforward but once you get on the course you realise that about 90% of it is either up or down hill, part and parcel of running in Edinburgh. Thankfully none of it is toopunishing so it should make for a good event come the big day. Even more thankfully the half marathon course is pretty much flat as a pancake so no worries there! Will be building up to the full distance over the next couple of weeks, feeling pretty confident now and my next milestone is 15k next weekend.

For now though I’m going to be lazy, relax in the warm radiance of the fading whisky buzz and enjoy Sunday evening the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. Jeeves, fetch me my pipe and slippers!


4 responses to “Today was a good day

  1. Funny – a sybarite and a masochist rolled into one.


  2. It’s not 1.07pm, it’s 12.07 am, Wednesday, down here. Ha ha always ahead of you.


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  4. this sounds like amazing times!

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