These are today’s Good Things

Muay Thai - yeah, that's so what I look like :p

Muay Thai - yeah, that's so what I look like :p

First off I got back to Muay Thai tonight after my ten days of self-imposed exercise embargo while the wrist and toe properly healed. Glad to say I don’t seem to have picked up any new injuries and although the wrist is twinging a little I think it’ll be fine. On Thursday nights the class is run by a fella called Gordon who fills in while Alex takes his class up at Meggetland. This is another Good Thing because Gordon likes to blast out Soulfly and similar music during his classes, unlike Alex’s predilection for chart pop and associated crimes against music. Brazilian tribal metal was designed to fight to, it’s just a natural fit 🙂

Next Good Thing on our list is running-related. I picked up my new shoes the other day and gave them a proper test run last night, just a quick blast around Arthur’s Seat to make sure they were a proper fit and to see how badly my fitness had dropped since the toe fracture. It was a bonus night on both counts, the shoes fit as though I’m not wearing any at all and I made it round the course in a decent time, hampered only by strong winds on the uphill section and a stitch halfway round. I’m aiming for 8k tomorrow and 10k on Sunday so fingers crossed the half marathon may still be on!

Moving on, we reach something I didn’t think I’d ever be happy about again – money. I’ve managed to save enough cash for the trip to Thailand and it’s all safely in a savings account now so I can’t spend it. On top of that my dad is sending me some money which was ostensibly for the trip but which will now be put towards Good Thing #4, more of which shortly. To complete the cash trifecta I’m meeting my mum tomorrow lunchtime to pick up a mysterious and as yet undisclosed sum of money. Apparently when my great aunt May died some time back she left some money to my gran, who then decided to pass it on to my mum and her three siblings. My mum, in turn, decided to share some with my brother and I so I’m picking up my third-hand share of the inheritance. Intrigued, will keep you posted on what transpires tomorrow, along with a bit of info on great aunt May since she was a truly awesome person.

Faith No More reformed! Woo!

Faith No More reformed! Woo!

Final Good Thing before I fall asleep. On the 19th of June I, along with Gaz, Jon, Doc and Stevie, will be setting sail (metaphorically) to Austria for the Nova Rock festival, specifically to see the newly reformed Faith No More, one of my all time favourite bands. As an added bonus they’ll be performing alongside the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Placebo, Gogol Bordello, Mastodon and The Living End. This Good Thing (at least festival tickets and flights) is already as good as paid for thank to my old man, all that remains is to squirrel away some beer and sausage money. Bring the carnage!

For now though I’m exhausted. Long day of work, first time back at Muay Thai, almost asleep. Time to go read Transmetropolitan, watch an episode of The Wire and crash out.

Hope y’all have sweet dreams about Good Things.


2 responses to “These are today’s Good Things

  1. I like the muay thai pic(maybe that’s cause it’s me 🙂

  2. Hehe, hope you don’t mind – just grabbed it from Google Images. Love the knuckle tattoos by the way!

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