Kiltreiser gig photos

My friend and ex-drummer took some cracking photos of the gig on Friday, here they are for your viewing pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the rock and roll steamroller that is Kiltreiser…

Shouty shouty!

L-R: Krakatoa Smith, Rapid McAllister, Cannonball Jones – Shouty-shouty for we do rock…


Look ma, I’m a rock star! Cool bass huh? Stickers came from Belgium, America and Japan, t-shirt from Threadless
(Note the Tubigrip on my sprained wrist. Yeah, I’m that rock)


Crucifix Johnson, the creative force behind the whole operation. Stickers from Leith and the Jurassic Era.


This is my bit of the stage, it has all I need. Setlist, electricity and distortion (always on)
Note – hot pink leads are a must for today’s discerning bassist.


The view from backstage. Check that ass out, oh yeah baby 🙂


Final shot of Crucifix and Krakatoa – note the sweat and straining neck muscles. That’s the ball-bleeding power of ultimate rock and/or roll.

There are some more snaps kicking about but I reckon these ones capture the event just fine. Hopefully we’ll actually get our asses in gear enough to get some video footage next time and we might even be recording soon. Kiltreiser – like a metal version of the Russian army circa 1942-5 but with even more balls.


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