Bits and pieces

Okay, not been my usual barrage of posts over the past few days. Partly because I’ve been busy, partly tired and partly because I’m not sure if this blog’s going to continue. I made a bit of an error earlier on in its life which may turn out to be fatal, need a bit of time to think about that. However it’s not like I have a multitude of people reading it so it’s no great loss in the grand scheme of things. In the meantime I’ll keep posting the odd bit here and there.

1177_lLast night I had a slightly different Monday evening from usual, got an email from Doc about a couple of short films on mountain biking which were getting a one-off screening at the Filmhouse. I’ve never done proper mountain biking before, it’s always been very much a dull road thing for me, but it sounded cool so I went along. Now I soooo want to go mountain biking. Really badly. Okay, I don’t want to do backflips and say “dude” and “stoked” a lot, or even smoke the acres of pot I believe are mandatory in the sport, but everything else that goes with it seems pretty damn cool. Lots  of speed, flying through the air and general adrenaline-inducing tomfoolery amidst stunning scenery works for me. Will hopefully be heading to Glentress in the near future to give it a shot – so many activities, so little time.

If you fancy a look the trailers for the films we saw, Roam and Seasons, are up here on the film-makers’ website.

Staying on the movie theme, flatmate Gaz managed to track down a short film which played at the short film festival during Dead By Dawn. This was one of the highlights of that particular year, a fantastically funny and sick little piece called The Fifth and starring Sam Lloyd, better known as Ted (the lawyer) in Scrubs. It’s unfortunately in a ludicrously tiny format but still worth watching as it’s probably the only chance you’re going to get to see this little slice of homicidal poker-based genius.

Finally, my exercise schedule is back on. The toe seems to be behaving and my wrist seems to be sufficiently rested for me to start light weights again, if not Muay Thai quite yet. Also, I picked up my new running shoes last night after the last ones tried to eat my feet – the half marathon is now officially back on even though I’m severely behind on training. Fuck it, all I need is one finely-crafted training montage and I’ll be back in the game…


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