Gig update

If anyone’s interested the gig on Friday was amazing. All three bands rocked their collective little socks off and there was a quite stupendous crowd. Seriously, after the venue’s take we actually ended up with proper money for once, more than we’ve made since the Church Of Noise days.

From my point of view  there was an added bonus to the evening in the form of an extensive ego massage. There was a fair contingent of folk there from my old high school, most of whom I haven’t seen for sa good few years and I’d say I probably hadn’t seen 90% of the crowd since before I started working out. Was loving the fact that I gott as many compliments about my physique as I did about the gig itself. Loving it. Even better was Gaz and Paige mentioning how they were hearing it all night as well so it wasn’t folk just playing nice and trying not to re-shatter my still-fragile brain 🙂

On the down side there were actually too many folk there! I tried to catch up with as many as I could but it just wasn’t possible, a real shame as I’ll probably not see a lot of them for months or years. Ach well, can’t complain.

Currently back in the Flat Of Painful Memories so going to cut this off now before I get maudlin, morose and melancholy. The lack of exercise thanks to recent injuries coupled with being in this place is starting to get to me. Methinks it’s time to research some flight prices, for the trip to Thailand and for going to see Faith No More and Nine Inch Nails in Austria. June’s going to be a fun month…


One response to “Gig update

  1. Ah, the downside of the Ex Of Doom knowing where your blog is, stories have to be cut prematurely short… 😉

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