Monday reading

All my posts of late seem to have the appropriate day of the week in the title, may as well keep it going. I have a metric fuckton of work to do this week so there’s no room in my brain for anything other than SEO. Therefore in lieu of boring anecdotes regarding my miserable and futile existence subsistence I give you some flotsam and jetsam from the wild oceans of teh intarwebs.

First off is new webmag called brain harvest which bills itself as “An Almanac of Bad Ass Speculative Fiction”. If the first story is anything to go by it’ll be worth monitoring, they’re expecting a new tale every week. I love the final sentence in this story, in fact I want to have badass sex with it (whatever you do, don’t scroll down and read it first, you’ll ruin the joyous effect).  – Hat-tip to Boing Boing

Second is a new post from the ever-reliable Scicurious at Neurotopia, the first of a two-parter on the serotonin system and current thinking on the serotonin theory of depression. I’m no scientist, just an amateur reader at best, but I’m fascinated by this having been on the (exceedingly) dark side of depression a couple of times myself, accompanied by nightmarish experiences of SSRIs. This first post is a wonderfully lucid explanation of what serotonin is and how it works – hopefully the next installment, regarding its relationship to current thinking about depression, will be every bit as enlightening.

Final thing to read is this: Katy Bar The Door, Kiltreiser and Wildtype at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh on Friday 6th March at 7:30pm sharp! A mere £4 for enough rawk to pound your balls into oblivion! Be there or be faceraped!


One response to “Monday reading

  1. Thank you. A lovely review. That was my reaction when I first read it, as well.

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