Pirate Friday

No reason, it’s not International Talk Like A Pirate Day or anything. Just fancied posting pirate-based nonsense. And speaking of pirates – why are pirates pirates? Because they yaarrr!!!

To kick off, here’s a lovely image sent to me by one of my colleagues, the Pirate Encyclopaedia…

Pirate Encyclopedia - Yaaarrrrr!!!

Pirate Encyclopaedia - Yaaarrrrr!!!

He chucked that my way in response to my posting the classic Wenches And Mead by Scottish pirate metal heroes Alestorm as my Song Of The Day at work. There’s no proper video of the song as such but you can still enjoy their shanty-based genius courtesy of YouTube…

If you like that you can catch them at Studio 24 in Edinburgh on April 28th or check the link above for other tour dates. They dress like pirates onstage because they’re fucking metal pirates. Awesomeness to the power of Blackbeard. I recommend you buy their album, Captain Morgan’s Revenge, but I suppose you could always download it from Pirate Bay as long as you go to a gig and buy a t-shirt. Album sales are for the birds, gigs and merchandise is what keeps a band going…

Final thing before I actually do some work. Any self-respecting pirate is all too aware of their ongoing, centuries-old feud with their nemeses (you’re damn right that’s the plural, I know shit), the dreaded ninjas. However it’s good to know that even such mortal enemies can occasionally forget their differences and join forces against their common enemy – fucking cowboys…

Ninjas and Pirates agree: Cowboys suck

Ninjas and Pirates agree: Cowboys suck

That’s it, Pirate Friday is over. Yaarrr ftw!


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