OK, Half Marathon cancelled

So I was at Muay Thai last night and, probably due to atrocities I must have committed in a past life, ended up partnered with the same useless gimp as last week. This guy has no idea how to hold pads, let alone hit them, and despite my repeated instructions continued in his trademark craptastic style throughout the class. The upshot is me being in significantly more post-class pain than I should have been and my foot, once again, being knackered.

In light of this I’ve decided to be sensible and knock the Half Marathon down from my list of priorities, it’s been too long since I’ve been able to do any serious running and the event is just around the corner. However I hate admitting defeat so I’m still intending to cough up the £25-odd entry fee and head along to Meadowbank on the day. I can always jog along as far as I can, no need to aim for a decent time as I was planning. Even if I made it as far as Musselburgh racecourse I would be happy given the circumstances and you never know, there might be some miracle of healing which allows me to make it along the whole course.

It’s annoying. I’d really psyched myself up for this and was really enjoying the training till the damn fracture and now the epic blister from hell. But hey, I can continue cycling, weights and Muay Thai (kinda) and get back into running for the Dundee Half Marathon, the Edinburgh Seven Hills, the various 10ks spread around the country – no big deal. Humbug…


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