Weekly exercise routine revisited

Last month I wrote about the workouts I was doing on a weekly basis and it seems that the post attracted a fair few visits so I thought I’d revisit it. You see that entry was written just before I broke my toe so things have changed significantly since then – obviously I’ve been unable to do any running but I still wanted to keep my fitness levels up as much as possible in the hope that I’d still be able to do the Edinburgh Half Marathon once I was healed. It looks like the Half is going to fall by the wayside unfortunately but at least I managed to build myself up a hefty programme which I’m sticking to pretty well.


That's not me by the way 🙂

First off is my morning routine. 4 or 5 days a week I’ll kick off with a half-hour exercise and stretching session as follows. Basically it’s a circuit, I do 20 push-ups, 15 chair raises (place a chair behind you, hands on the seat, legs outstretched, raise and lower yourself to work the triceps) and 20 of one of the following – crunches, leg raises, full body crunches, bicycle crunches, oblique crunches. I rotate the crunch variations on each repetition of the circuit so I’ve done 20 of each by the end of the routine. It fair wakes you up anyway. After that’s done it’s time for some leg swings (2 x 30 reps each of front, side and back swings) and various other leg stretches to try and retain some of the flexibility lost after a fifteen year holiday in CouchPotatoLand.

I’m cycling to work every day although that doesn’t count for much as it’s only a 3-mile round trip. However I’ve taken to going for quick cycles around the city on my lunch break and have 5 routes I alternate between, each between 4.5 and 6 miles. It seems to work out perfectly in terms of time and I’m working on reducing the time for each one so I can increase the distance. If I can get the routes up to 7 miles each I’ll be plenty happy, that’ll be a total of ten miles covered per day.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings are spent at the gym. I’m trying to slowly work my way back into running but until then I’m focussing on the weights instead. The current routine is as follows:

Torso rotations – 12 x75kg, 10 x 77.5kg, 8 x 80kg, 6 x 82.5 kg
3 x 10 Back Raises (with 7kg Medicine Ball)
3 x 10-Minute Gym (12 x squats, 12 x lunges, 12 x bench press, 12x fly, 12 x drops, 12 x shoulder press – no rest between exercises, working up from 7kg dumbbells)
Chin-ups to failure (reducing assistance incrementally each time I hit 20, currently at 15 x -12kg)
Dips to failure as above
5 minutes on the weird rowing/punching machine who’s name I forget – will add it tomorrow :p
3 x 12 Lateral Pulldown (47kg)
3 x 12 Incline Press (14kg)
3 x 12 Bicep Curl (12kg)
3 x 12 Concentration Curl (12kg)
3 x 12 Tricep Bar Pushdown (22kg)

That lot usually takes about an hour but if I’ve managed to boost through it pretty speedily I’ll usually add a few other bits and pieces in – usually more tricep work but it depends on what machines are free.

Now ideally I’ll also be back to my treadmill work as soon as possible, that’ll follow on after I’ve killed myself on the weights. The plan is for a nice ‘n’ easy 8k run at 2% incline on Mondays to ease into the week, probably just jogging it at 10kph. Wednesdays will be for intervals to get my speed up, ideally running 10k or more with intervals of 30 secs at 10kph and 1-2 minutes at 15kph. Fridays are for hill work to get the calves back in shape, again probably 10k plus at around 12kph. I’ll probably chuck some cross-trainer work into the mix as well, depends on how I feel.

16km Water Of Leith route

16km Water Of Leith route

I still need to take care of distance runs and the treadmill is only of limited use for that so I plan on hitting the streets on Saturdays or Sundays, depending on whether one of them ends up being a rest day. I have a number of routes planned around the city (all hail Google maps) stepping up in 2km increments from 10km up to 22km, just right for the Edinburgh Half Marathon should I ever manage it. I would actually do all my runs outdoors but I do like the handiness of the treadmills being next to the weights so weekdays are going to be indoors at least till the weather takes a turn for the better.

Finally there’s Muay Thai. At the moment I’m able to attend classes on Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons but it doesn’t feel like enough right now. As soon as my creative writing course ends I’ll be adding Thursday evenings to the mix as well, that should be plenty. Alex’s workouts are fantastic for getting the sweat pouring and the actual training is the best outlet for aggression I’ve ever come across. Plus it’s another 3-mile round trip on the bike to add to the list with the added bonus that the return leg means cycling up the hill on Easter Road – feel the burn!

And that’s the lot. Again it feels odd to look at all that on paper. Am I really doing all that? I should also mention that once the foot is fully healed I’ll be adding a 5k morning run round Arthur’s Seat every other day, probably Mon, Wed, Fri. It might kill me but I have to be prepared for Thailand – as Marty says, we don’t want to look like wimps once we get out there 🙂 If anyone has any suggestions as to things I could be adding/removing from all this based on what I’m aiming for (endurance for running, increase lean tissue, improve Muay Thai) then please chuck in your two cents, I’d be more than happy to hear it.


3 responses to “Weekly exercise routine revisited

  1. Remember that the combination of a healthy diet and a consistent fitness routine will really increase your overall health.

    It sounds like you are staying motivated and that you have found a fitness routine that works quite well for you.

    Good luck. Stay motivated and healthy.


  2. Cheers for the encouragement, think I have the exercise part just right and now need to sort the diet out so I stop losing weight and start gaining muscle! Going to eat more chicken and tuna than can possibly be healthy…

  3. oh good grief

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