Eurgh, not nice…

clinical_elbowblister21As mentioned the other day I got a bit of a blister on my left instep thanks to some dodgy stitching in my shoes. Well this morning I looked at it as I got out of the shower, intending to slip an deleastoplast on to keep it safe for the rest of the day. It wasn’t nice. Oh no, not at all.

Two inches long. Half an inch wide. Raised up about a quarter to half an inch from the skin. And best of all? It was a truly revolting grey/brown colour, infected already… Then, just as I tried to stick the plaster on, I noticed that it had started to weep. Oh dear. I thought I may as well get it over with an swiftly hopped to the bathroom and let the pus flow. My god there was a lot if it. So much pus. Rivers of the stuff.

Anyway I eventually stemmed the flow and managed to get it covered up. It already feels a hell of a lot better so hopefully I’ll be fine for Muay Thai tonight.  I have horrible visions of the plaster coming loose mid-kick and spraying the room with all it’s fetid glory though…


One response to “Eurgh, not nice…

  1. not sure i wanted to know all that

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