In which I say “Yay!”, but also “Boo…”

Well I finally did it. Hit the gym this morning and pounded off 5k on the treadmill, a nice easy run clocking in at 26 minutes. My toe was twinging a little but I did my best to ignore it as long as it  wasn’t getting any worse and actually could have easily run another 3k or so without it becoming a problem. Except I had another problem.

It seems my lovely, swanky running shoes aren’t quite as lovely and swanky as they first seemed; there’s a bit of stitching coming loose in the instep of the left shoe and it slowly strips away my skin with every step. I had to stop after 3.5k to take my shoes off and see what was going on, the pain was much worse than my toe and it was making me run awkwardly. Seeing as there was nothing I could do I just stubbornly soldiered on to finish the 5k but the last few hundred metres were actually agony.

So, if anyone knows anything about shoe repair, please let me know! In the meantime I’ve stocked up on elastoplast, should be a fine temporary measure. At least I know now that there’s still a chance I can do the half marathon, my endurance doesn’t seem to have suffered during my break thanks to the cycling so I just have to get my calves back in shape and work on my pacing. Fingers crossed.

hi16Also on the running front I’ve just found out about an intriguing little jaunt happening in June, the Seven Hills Of Edinburgh race. For those who don’t already know, Edinburgh is situated on seven hills which makes for a beautiful landscape as well as a wealth of challenging routes for keen runners and cyclists. This event tackles all seven hills over a 14-odd mile course, with competitors free to choose their own route as long as they pass through the seven designated checkpoints. Sounds like utter agony – slightly longer than the half marathon but with added steepness – but it’s something I might just be into and would be a fine fitness test before leaving for Thailand.

In other news, I finally cleared all my books and other assorted crap out of me and the ex’s storage locker meaning that as of next month I’ll be a whopping £65 better off. Almost makes me wish I still drank, that’s a good couple of bottles of Talisker. The pile of booty all resides at my mum’s place in the Bow of Fife now, had a fairly enjoyable van ride over there despite my hire van’s slightly less than aerodynamic design making for some, erm, interesting moments on the road bridge. To continue the weekend’s broken relationship theme I’m writing this from the flat in Porty as I wait for the inevitable lack of viewers to turn up. Oh look, there’s none of them now. Anyone want to buy a flat?

Never mind – Muay Thai in an hour and a half followed immediately by the first band practice in a few months. This will also be our first outing with our new singer and old friend, the multi-talented Simon Donaldson (a.k.a. Krakatoa Smith), so it should be interesting. To any Edinburgh-based readers, Krakatoa will be making his stage debut with us, the mighty Kiltreiser, at Henry’s Cellar Bar on March 6th, sometime  close to 8pm. All are welcome, bring your friends. Not recommended for those with any kind of respect for music…

That’s enough prattle, time to read some Ken MacLeod. May post again later if Si’s antics at practice are as noteworthy as usual…


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