25 Things a.k.a. blogging for the lazy

Today I was hoping to write a post about how thrilling it was to be running again after too long a break but unfortunately last night’s gym expedition didn’t quite go to plan. It wasn’t an utter failure mind, before my weights I warmed up for five minutes on the treadmill and the toe was absolutely fine, I actually caught myself grinning like a loon when I glanced in the mirror. However after an hour of pumping iron it had been stressed enough that when I returned to try a 5k run I had to quit after a couple of minutes. It’s not the end of the world, I now know that come Saturday/Sunday I should easily manage a half-decent run as long as I don’t do anything else beforehand, meaning the half marathon is still a possibility.

So what to write now? Hmm… Well my pal Andy tagged me on Facebook with the hideous ’25 things about me’ meme and I only just got around to sending it back to him so I may as well reproduce it here.  Yes, it’s lazy but hey, I’ve posted a hell of a lot for someone new to the whole blog thing. Time to kick back and relax. If anyone wants to pick this up and run with it on their blog please let me know in the comments so I can come and have a peek…

mytattoo111. I just got a new tattoo and it rocks the casbah – several more on the way…
2. Since I started to get healthier, lost the beergut/moobs and developed something resembling muscles I’ve also become a bit vain. Fuck it, I’m allowed
3. I’ve got about 10 “Teach Yourself …” language packs on my hard drive but still only speak English
4. I’m a tad OCD when it comes to light switches. I often automatically flick them on leaving or entering a room regardless of the current state of the light to the annoyance of others in said room
5. I can’t seem to make it through films anymore unless it’s in the cinema or on Jon’s blu-ray projector – must be early-onset Alzheimer’s. Either that or all films are crap now
6. Whey protein powder makes me fart like a mofo. I think it’s the lactose, or maybe my ass muscles are growing and becoming overactive (and possibly sentient)
7. The support of my friends in the closing months of last year and up to the present almost moves me to tears
8. I’d have my motorbike license and probably a bike by now if it wasn’t for the Thailand plan eating away at my cash
suicidal9. I’ve managed to get some kind of injury every time I’ve seen Suicidal Tendencies in the past five years and I’m proud of it – it’s like ritual scarification for me
10. I’m very upset at the prospect of slowly losing my hair over the coming years
11. Procrastination rules my life, seriously and to an almost crippling extent
12. I find it incredibly difficult to write 25 things about me
13. Emigrating to NZ in the not too distant future is on the cards but I dunno, I kinda like Scotland and particularly certain of the people who live here
14. I WILL have a new career within a couple of years at the most. Teaching is most likely at the moment but I’m still thinking…
15. Sometimes I really wish I’d stuck with drums instead of moving to guitar. Then again I’d never have joined Doolah/Bulb/Kiltreiser otherwise so it all worked out for the best…
rollins16. If I could sit and have a few pints and a chinwag with anyone in the world it’d probably be Henry Rollins. But he doesn’t drink so it’ll never happen
17. I really want to start writing short fiction but the thought of anyone I know reading my stuff fills me with dread
18. Despite being ditched I still worry more about my ex’s welfare than pretty much anything else in the world – much to the bemusement and consternation of friends
19. There’s a very good chance I have eaten human flesh. A fair old amount of it, and not mine either. See the Kiltreiser song ‘Eat Flesh’ for details (my write a detailed post about it some time)
20. My biggest regret is leaving Australia when I did. Stupid, stupid, stupid
21. I’m glad I left Australia when I did, otherwise I’d not be where I am today
22. I’ve not smoked or bitten any of my nails so far this year, three cheers for my late discovery of willpower
23. I actually don’t miss drinking. Had a beer on three occasions since Hogmanay and only actually got drunk once; it psilocybinwas a bit meh. I miss the taste of good ales though, particularly Brew Dog and Black Isle beers
24. I do miss hallucinogens. It might be mushroom time later this year…
25. Sometimes – very rarely but sometimes – I hide in your cupboard and watch you while you sleep


2 responses to “25 Things a.k.a. blogging for the lazy

  1. No.5 – films – try “foreign” films i.e. not UK, USA, Aussie … Didn’t you find Slumdog Millionaire pretty damn good? Or do you need more action? Most films are crap.
    No.13 – why emigrate to NZ?
    No.22- – stopped smoking – good for you. I smoked for 40 years and it was so good when I gave up. (Stopped drinking about 28 years ago too, but that’s another story. Was drinking too much, stopped overnight, never regretted it.)


  2. Thought Slumdog was okay but it laboured the point a little. I love Danny Boyle though so I give it the benefit of the doubt! I generally like films of all stripes, just seems to have been a bit of a drought recently. Frost/Nixon was great mind you.

    NZ has been on the cards for a while. I loved it when I visited and I know loads of people there. My current flatmates are a Kiwi lass and an old friend who married her when he went to see NZ years ago – their stories of life on the South Island are enough to have anyone packing their bags! I love Scotland but am just getting a little fed up of being a slave nation – the very real prospect of having the Tories running us from Westminster again makes the other side of the world very attactive…

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