Back at Muay Thai, yay!

fracture013I finally made it back to Muay Thai classes last night after a three week absence while I waited for the fractured toe to recover. To be fair it hasn’t recovered completely but I can walk, I can cycle, I can survive an hour-long weights session so I can do a bit of kick-boxing. Well maybe not…

As I anticipated, the whole ‘kick’ aspect is somewhat problematic when you’re lacking the use of a toe, even a wee one. When performing a right kick you have to pivot on the left foot, turning it around ninety degrees as you perform the move, and you’re raised up on the ball of the foot. This swivelling motion turns towards the little toe and means lots of potential for pain, especially given the friction caused by the mats we train on. I was prepared for this but Sarah also pointed out that I’d have to be careful with left kicks. In my head this wasn’t a problem because you’re aiming to make contact with the shin, not the foot. At least that’s what the experts do; I’m very much a beginner and lacking in the kind of precision required to guarantee perfect strikes every time.

Sure enough we started up the class and it turned out Alex wanted to focus on kicking. Just my luck. Actually the right kicks weren’t too bad as long as I didn’t really pivot – it meant sacrificing power and it looked awful but I only got a few twinges of pain. As for the left kicks I was a touch paranoid so again my power and technique were a bit lacking. Managed to avoid any contact with the toe but looked at my foot this morning to find a lovely bruise roughly one inch from the fracture – neither big nor clever 🙂 I’ll still go back on Sunday but maybe substitute knees for kicks until properly healed…

Last night was also educational in a sense. Sarah used to complain quite frequently, and probably still does, about being paired up with beginners in her classes – they were too slow, didn’t hold the pads right, etc. – and I must admit that sometimes I thought she was just whining about nothing. Not so. I ended up paired with the most annoying kid in the world and it seriously detracts from the enjoyment of the class to the point I was almost glad when it was over. He flailed about like an epileptic octopus and had no idea how to properly kick, punch, knee or elbow yet had the gall to criticise my form. He complained constantly to Alex about being too tired to do things and would last halfway through a routine before giving up. He was also crap at holding pads, trying to just wildly swing them towards me regardless of what we were doing. Grr, I was angry. At least I got a laugh every time his teenage tough guy exterior faded away through exhaustion after a few reps of what to me would be an easy exercise.

So Sarah, I apologise wholeheartedly for not taking those complaints more seriously, I knew not of what I spoke :p

Anyway it’s all a good sign. Managing the class showed me that my fitness hasn’t really dropped at all over the past weeks and I actually did better than expected – I actually managed better than most of the class on the last drill of doing 5 sets of  rapid fire punches for 20 secs then push-ups for 10 secs. I’ll hopefully get back on a treadmill tonight for a gentle 5k run after my weights to see how the toe handles that kind of movement and if all is well I’ll sign up for the half marathon and the Bupa 10k when I get back to the flat. The Cannonball is flying once more…


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