New weights routine – feeling the burn…

Saturday morning, in the gym, nine o’clock sharp for an appointment to work out a new weights routine to focus more on upper body strength with Muay Thai in mind. I reckon I’ve got  my core strength covered with my morning routine (more on that another day) and the running and cycling takes care of the legs so I just need  to bulk and tone up on top.

I was expecting to run through a new free weights programme – variations on bench presses, bicep curls, that sort of thing – but tony suggested something called the 10-minute gym instead. Fair enough, I’ll give anything a shot – but then he pulled out a gym ball and went for a couple of 7kg dumbbells. Now I’ve been doing weights for a while and thought this was going to be far too easy. 7kg? That’s kid’s stuff! I was wrong…

My normal routing involved typical sets of reps – do maybe 10 or 15 reps, rest for 30-60 secs and repeat a few  times. That rest is vital, without it you’re dead in half the time. There are no rests in 10 minute gym. Oh no.

My new routine therefore consists of 12 squats, 12 lunges, 12 chest presses, 12 flys, 12 drops and 12 shoulder presses with no breaks in between. Not only that but the chest presses, flys and drops are performed on the gym ball – only the head and shoulders supported and hips constantly arched up so you’re always working them. Tony ran me through it verbally first and I thought “no problem”.

Sweet christ it burns.

I mean that in the best way of course; I’d been losing focus the past couple of weeks thanks to the injury and handed been upping my weights at all so everything was getting a bit dull and easy. This has injected some new life into my routine, I’m actually struggling again and damn, it feels good 😀

hamster-chin-ups1On top of this I’m starting to work on chin-ups and raises to really work the biceps and triceps, aiming for strength and endurance in equal measures. I’ve never been much use at chin-ups for some reason so decided it’s time to remedy that. Tony also introduced me to a torture device whose name I forget, basically a punching simulator which has you sitting and turning a handle with your hands, essentially a continuous punching motion against variable resistance. Again, it hurts but it’s good. It’s the sort of endurance workout which is vital for Muay Thai, especially once I get to Thailand or if I ever want to start regularly sparring.

So that’s the new thrice-weekly weights routine. I’ll probably add to it in the coming weeks as it’s not very lengthy and I prefer to go for about an hour to really get a sweat on but there’s no rush just yet. A bench press here, some cable rows there, it’ll all work out. In the meantime I’m just looking forward to utterly killing myself over the next week while I get used to it all :p

That’s all from me, off for a 30-odd mile cycle now and looking forward to a coffee in Aberlady at the halfway point. Happy fake, scheduled, not-actually-romantic-in-the-slightest Valentine’s Day to you all!


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