Friday randomness

Not much happening today except for my toe slowly recovering and work slowly eroding my brain. Here are a few links to keep y’all amused for a while.

First off, go fil your guts with posh nosh. If you register at the Malmaison website you get a voucher that’ll treat two of you to a two course meal with a bottle of house plonk and a couple of caffeine doses for a mere £29. Recessiontastic.

eliza_dushkuNext up, some rare good news concerning the black box of evil. Joss (Buffy, Angel, Firefly) Whedon has a new show called Dollhouse starting this Friday in the States, although I’m sure it’ll hit Bittorrent for us eager UK types by early Saturday morning. NTK – it stars the delectable Eliza Dushku, it’s about uber-special agents who have their memories, skills and personalities replaced each episode and it has crossbow hunting in the second episode. Drool…

Finally, if you’re stuck for something to do tonight – like me, *sniff* – then try to get a hold of the film “The Happening”, Michael Knight Shamalamadingdong’s latest “ooh what a cunning twist” pile of crap. Get ready to press play at 9pm tonight and join in Graham Linehan’s Bad Movie Club where a host of other lonely types like myself will be simultaneously watching the film and blogging/tweeting our reactions. I recommend finding it on Pirate Bay so none of your money finds it way into the creator’s pocket, that’d just encourage him.

And, well, that’s it. Like I said it’s a slow day…


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