Lunchtime jollies

Dunno why I didn’t think of this before. I cycle to work. I get an hour to eat lunch. Eating lunch takes 20 minutes. Which leaves 40 minutes to sit and surf the net (it would be morally indefensible to work any part of my lunch break) or… cycle round the city centre for shits and giggles. I just started doing this last week because I was getting bored sitting around with the fractured toe; cycling was the one means I had to a bit of freedom so I decided to get off my arse and head out for a while.

Fair enough I can’t really go that far – by the time I get out of the office, unchain my bike, etc I’m pretty much limited to 15 minutes of cycling in any given direction before I have to head back but Edinburgh’s not that big a place. In fact the attractive parts of the city are all condensed into a fairly tiny area centred right on where I work so I’m actually spoiled for choice.

My initial route was just a warm-up – down Princes Street, up Lothian Road, through the Meadows, down Pleasance and up the Royal Mile before heading back to the office. It’s a pleasant enough ride with a nice bit of a hill near the end to make me work. Today I tried heading down Dundas Street – great fun if the traffic lights are in your favour – then along Henderson Row and through Stockbridge before heading up to Queensferry Road at Comely Bank and back into town. Good hills both ways and reasonably quiet roads.

This has made me think of challenges, places I could try to reach during my lunch break and still make it back in time. Could I make it round Arthur’s Seat and back? What about down to Ocean Terminal? Not sure what there would be out west but maybe I could aim for Murrayfield or even the Zoo? Possibly as far as Roseburn then down the Water Of Leith to Stockbridge and back up again? I’d have to seriously pick up the pace for some of these but it’s good to have a target to work towards. Going to be seriously picking up the pace in terms of exercise in preparation for Thailand once the foot heals so this’ll be a good start…


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