Holiday plans

Not too far off this point last year my then-wife and I made the decision to sell our flat and move to Thailand for a year or so, the idea behind it being so she could indulge her Muay Thai obsession full time and I could teach English, thus garnering some classroom experience to prepare me for retraining as a teacher on our return. Well, things didn’t quite work out that way and in fact from that point onwards our lives descended into a hellish pit of despair, anger and depression. Never mind though, ’cause it looks like I’ll finally be getting out there myself!

3_school_lgThis June, if my boss allows it, Marty and I will be heading to Bangkok to spend a couple of weeks at the Fairtex training camp where we’ll be worked to within an inch of our lives every day. And we’ll damn well enjoy it. After that it’s off to the beaches for a week of chilling out, island-hopping, chatting up girls and basically being bums until Marty departs to Australia for a year and I return to the grey misery of Scotland.

Two weeks of hardcore workouts doesn’t sound like everyone’s cup of tea but for some masochistic reason I’m really looking forward to it, being pushed much harder than I am here and in a much less forgiving climate. The schedule seems pretty insane – rise at 6am for a run followed by 2 hours of warm-ups, workouts and sparring, break for a few hours then do it all again at 2:30pm with the rest of the evening to yourself. I’m thinking the run is going to be around 5km which will be difficult to face first thing but I’m going to start a similar routine over here to get myself adjusted beforehand. Not that 5k around Arthur’s Seat in brisk Spring weather will compare to a similar distance in the humid heat of Thailand…

The training itself is also going to be a killer. I’ve only just started and I’m getting fair tired by a simple 1-hour beginners class. Two hours of full-on training twice a day is quite a gear change so I’m going to have to really up my work levels over here if I’m not going to die on my first day. The plan so far, which I’ll slowly work up to as soon as my toe heals, is as follows:

Mon, Wed, Fri – Gym for 1hr cardio, 1hr resistance training as usual
Tues, Thurs, Sun – Muay Thai classes, possibly more depending on how things go
Each of those mornings – 5k round Arthur’s Seat then 30 minute workout
Sat – Rest day (more difficult than it sounds…)

Is that going to hurt? You’re damn right it is. Thing is, as I mentioned to Marty, I really don’t want to turn up at Fairtex and look like a wuss on my first day, that’d just suck. If I have to get up at 6am every day and knacker myself in order to get in tip-top shape then so be it, I reckon I’ve done damn well on the fitness front so far and can still push it a good bit further.

lauraskinner2np7Some folk have already questioned why I want to do this seeing as I’ve only just started Muay Thai, a couple also saying it’s a bit weird because of the connection with the ex. Well allow me to clear that up. First off it’s first and foremost a holiday with a pal who I hardly see because he’s back in Belfast now and is about to disappear to upside-down land for a year. Second, the Muay Thai aspect is fun, it gives the holiday some focus and it’ll add all the more to enjoyment of the sport when I get back – as Marty points out we’ll learn more there in two weeks then we will in a year back here. Third, despite originally suggesting a move to Thailand purely to make my ex happy I did fall in love with the idea myself and almost cried when I made the phone call to cancel our flights. I love the food, I love everything I’ve read about the culture, I can’t wait. Fourth, I haven’t had a proper holiday for years now, literally years, and I fucking deserve one. Fifth (almost finished now, honest), Sarah’s connection to Muay Thai is purely coincidental – my newfound love for the sport has nothing to do with her and I truly wish I’d started it while we were together. Finally – look at the lass in the picture. That’s Laura Skinner. She does Muay Thai, she’s hot as hell and I want to meet her. Hey, I can dream 🙂


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