I can’t get no sleep (again)

Another downside of not being able to get to the gym or Muay Thai. I’ve been getting used to exhausting myself every evening through some form of physical exercise and now that has been cut off I find myself once more staring at the bedroom ceiling for hours on end. Didn’t realise what a huge and beneficial effect the increased physical activity was having on my sleeping patterns until I was no longer able to engage in it.

Last night I went to bed pretty early (about 10 o’clock) and started reading, this being my usual pattern which should have me dozing off in half an hour or so. Three hundred pages later I had finished Boiling a Frog and my brain still wanted to party. Knowing that you’re not meant to just lie there waiting for sleep to find you I decided to get up for a while and noodle about quietly on the acoustic bass then try again. No luck. Maybe a bit more reading, try to finish Psychology: The Science Of Mental Life? Well okay, that did have some soporific effect and at least nudged me to put my head down and close my eyes but it was still about 3am or thereabouts before I managed to properly nod off.

So now I’m back at work not only numbed by painkillers but also having slept a mere three or four hours. Not expecting much activity today…


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