Casserole goodness…

As much as I enjoy cooking I usually can’t be bothered preparing a full meal every day when I get back from work and Muay Thai/gym about seven o’clock or so. I tend to just make a huge batch of something or other at the start of the week and live off that for as long as I can, just heat a portion up and cook some brown rice, wholemeal pasta or cous-cous to go with it and I’m set. Last night I tried a casserole, something I never usually cook and probably haven’t made in the past ten years, and it was fecking excellent so I’ll definitely be cooking it again. Thing is it was an amalgamation of a couple of recipes with a generous helping of freestyle improv so I’m going to note down here what I can remember of the process for future reference while it’s still fresh in my head.

Rough ingredients:
500g casserole beef
2 tins mixed pulses
2 cartons chopped tomatoes
1/4 tube of tomato puree
2 beef stock cubes
1 leek
3 medium red onions
4 cloves of garlic
1 metric fuckload of mushrooms
1 cup water

Seasoning – black pepper, crushed chillies, mixed herbs and, no kidding, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Now as far as I can remember I stuck some olive oil in the pan and browned the beef, adding the stock cubes once it was done. I had chopped the leeks and onions and thinly sliced the garlic while I was waiting so they went in next for a minute, closely followed by the pulses. I fried them all together for another 30 secs to a minute and then whacked the chopped tomatoes and the puree on top and mixed it all up. At this stage I added the pepper, chillies and mixed herbs and left it covered to simmer for a bit while I went to the shops to buy some more tupperware, realising just how much I’d made.

On returning I remembered I’d bought some shrooms so I quartered them and chucked them in along with some water and sprinkled the parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme on top. At this point I was getting hungry so I put the rice on to boil, giving me a handy 30 minute timer to the end of cooking. At some point I gave it another stir to make sure the new herbs were mixed in.

Now normally when I make anything like this it tastes good when fresh but soooo much better the next day when the flavours have really had a chance to permeate the dish. This time however it was fanfuckingtastic straight out of the pan so I can only imagine how tonight’s portion will taste. The best thing is it’s pretty damn healthy too – packed full of protein and a good amount of carbs, perfectly accompanied with brown rice. Just what a growing lad needs 🙂 If anyone out there decides to make this themselves and adds any interesting variations please let me know…


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