Trying to work

Painkillers are getting in the way though. Difficult to concentrate on much of anything so here are a couple of the distractions I’ve stumbled across so far today.

The Glass Delusion – A once-common delusion which seems to have faded over the past few centuries whereby sufferers imagined themselves to be composed of glass and therefore exceptionally fragile. Seems to me that there’s a short story in there just waiting to be written. My mind wants to place it in Victorian times rather than 15th-17thC but perhaps that’s the unconcious influence of The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

The Principles Of The American Cargo Cult – Good reading for anyone interested in critical thinking or the lack thereof in the general populace.

ID And Creationism In The UK – The Telegraph are saying less than 50% of UK residents believe evolution is sufficient to explain the “complex structures of some living things”. The report seems unsound, the figures are shoddy but what do you expect from the Telegraph?

Might post more through the day, can’t see my concentration picking up any…


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