Cabin Fever

Bored, bored, bored.

I hate not being able to do anything, hate just sitting around confined to the flat, hate being inactive. Even before my recent exercise binge I’ve been unable to handle cabin fever, preferring to go into work with mucous pouring from every orifice and temperatures high enough to melt lead rather than sit on the sofa all day and watch endless repeats of shit 70s detective shows.

Mind you, having a laptop makes things a little easier, there’s always something new on the net to check out. For example choice little articles by Bruce Sterling (on the potential for real panic in 2009) and Jeffrey Rosen (on the failures of Homeland Security over in the States) – courtesy of Boing-Boing and Bruce Schneier respectively.

thehackercrackdownEven surfing gets dull after a while though so I’ve been reading Matt Ridley’s Genome, a cracking read which runs through our 23 chromosomes and basically tells the story of our existence. Depending on how many painkillers I have in my system it can be a little heavy but in clearer moments it’s wonderfully readable and utterly fascinating. I also downloaded the whole of Cory Doctorow’s podcast of Bruce Sterling’s seminal geek-tome, The Hacker Crackdown, and have been dipping into it now and again when my hand are too busy applying ice to my toe to turn the pages of the book. It was the first book to be made freely available in electronic form so I’ve linked to the PDF version – feel free to go buy the dead tree version if you enjoy it though, I know I will be.

Even the TV has been relatively kind to me – I flicked it on an hour ago to discover that The Dish had just begun on More4. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it, a braw feelgood Australian comedy about the part played by the inhabitants of a small town in Oz during the NASA moon landings. It’s got Sam Neill being all old and wise so that’s always good and it’s made by the same team who filmed The Castle – funniest film ever…

Actually I even managed to get a minor workout on the go – turns out Paige has an exercise mat so I annexed it and did an hours worth of push-ups, crunches, stretches, anything I could think of that wouldn’t involve putting unnecessary pressure on my foot. Amazing what a quick burst of activity can do for your mood and it made me realise that I could probably make it to the gym tomorrow and just do a quick circuit of the weights machines. Going to be sensible though, if there are even small twinges in the toe I’m staying put.

So that’s all for now – will write more once I can move…


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