Cheap books, amazing t-shirts

unicornIt’s a slow day today and my boss is pulling a sicky so it’s time to plug a couple of worthy websites. First off is Threadless, the most wondrous t-shirt site in all the land. I’ve already bought about 5 shirts from them, ranging from a rampaging panda to two unicorns getting jiggy with it under a rainbow. Seriously good stuff šŸ™‚ My favourite is currently winging its way across the Atlantic to me though, a heartfelt and beautiful work of art entitled “The Last F*cking Unicorn”, pictured to the right. It’s a joy to behold and I can’t wait to wear it at my band’s next gig. My mum would be so proud. You can also buy prints of certain designs, sign up for a t-shirt-a-month deal as well as securing a cool t-shirt for yourself that you can pretty much guarantee you’ll never see on anyone else.

On a slightly more sensible note I was surfing the net looking for casserole recipes the other day and came across a site about frugal living which pointed me towards Green Metropolis. I’m an absolute sucker for buying books, I can’t walk into Waterstone’s without splashing at least seven or eight quid and I usually end up with at least one book every time I visit Amazon. It’s a curse, it’s not good for the environment and it beats the hell out of my wallet. Green Metropolis is a possible solution – a secondhand book site which offers a fixed price of Ā£3.75 for all standard sized paperbacks as well as, in the majority of cases, free postage. The selection is pretty impressive, at any rate there seemed to be plenty sci-fi and popular science when I looked. As a bonus they’ll give you Ā£3 for any of said paperbacks you wish to sell, although getting rid of books is anathema to me.

So go browse around, discover some wonders and help grease the wheels of commerce…


4 responses to “Cheap books, amazing t-shirts

  1. Do you ever look at ?

  2. Never seen that site before but I’m guessing it’s going to cost me some money šŸ™‚

  3. Jonathan Melville

    Thanks for blogging about these. I also recommend Fopp in Edinburgh’s Rose Street for some amazing DVD deals.

  4. Yeah, but only eedjits buy DVDs these days. Seriously, they take up space, even the cheap ones cost more than a day’s worth of food and it’s much less hassle to download movies anyway. Especially when your netbook doesn’t even have a DVD drive :p

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