Changing my name…

…to Cannonball McRichFace. A few weeks back I moved all my DVDs and CDs out of the storage locker with a view to selling them to friends and colleagues, swapping space for cash. After a slightly disappointing sales attempt – should have known better than to push crap old horror flicks on my pals right after Christmas  and in the middle of a recession – I decided to just give in and take the remainder to a secondhand shop. I knew I’d not get as much per disc but something’s better than nothing and I was starting to feel guilty about having something like 30 cubic feet of redundant media standing in the middle of Gaz and Paige’s hallway.

My first stop was the branch of Cash Converters (aka Smack Converters)  near my work, who were less than helpful – “We only deal in batches of 50 at a time”, “We don’t deal in non-Region 2 DVDs”, “We have to phone our HQ for indiviual CD prices” – so I knocked that idea on the head pretty quickly. Then I remembered Hogshead, a secondhand record shop on South Clerk Street which is something of an Edinburgh institution and where I spent an unhealthy amount of my time in my student years.

After finding their beautiful website I phoned up and the difference in attitude was amzing – “No problem, drop them off and we’ll have a wee look through, give us a couple of hours and we’ll give you a price.” Sorted. So yesterday Gaz drove me up there with the two remaining boxes (FYI: CDs en masse are fucking heavy) and I said I’d come back today to get their valuation – I didn’t even ask for a receipt, they were that chilled out.

Now I expected to get maybe £250 for the lot and to be handed half of them back for being to niche/broken/shit to sell – like I said though, I’d rather have some space and cash than a pile of discs I can’t even play. I wandered in on my way to do flat viewings (I have viewers wandering around as I type) and I still can’t believe it. They left half a box worth of discs and gave me a pile of cash for the rest. I big pile of cash.

Six. Hundred. Quid.

It’s sitting in my backpack right now.

So Cannonball McRichFace is going on holiday to Moscow and St Petersburg in April 🙂


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