I stumbled across a new-ish social networking/Web2.0/whateverthefuck web service today, a Twitter-esque little bundle of time-suckage called Plinky. Basically it asks you a question at intermittent periods (trying to be daily I think but it’s still young) and you provide the answers which will be posted on the Plinky site for others to see and interact with or, should you desire, they can be propagated around Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or any other services you happen to use.

As with Twitter you can choose to follow the answers of friends or random interesting people you stumble across and can also give yourself a nice ego-massage by trying to build a respectable following yourself. I never managed to get into Twitter simply because I thought it was pretty presumptuous to assume that anyone gave the remotest of flying fucks about what I was doing at any particular point in time. Not that it stops me from updating my Facebook status fairly regularly but that’s different. Why? It just is, okay? Anyway Plinky seems a little different in that it’s asking for what may be defined as interesting information and it’s the same information that a community of users will be sharing and dissecting at the same time rather than just random outbursts of inconsequential, self-centred ephemera.

So I might try it out here, already signed up to the site but not yet connected it to this blog. It might not last but at least it’ll ensure I post something on lazy days for a while…


One response to “Plinky

  1. It’s funny, that’s the exact reason I JOINED twitter. Isn’t it just as bad as having a blog? I mean really, atleast twitter has a word limit…Think about it.

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