Weekly exercise routine

I’ve just been having an email exchange with my pal Marty in Belfast, he’s another Muay Thai fan and is getting pissed off at the lack of decent training over there. While in Edinburgh he attended the same classes as I’ve just started and apparently the Northern Irish aren’t quite as intense when it comes to their workouts or the regularity of classes. Still, he’s going to be in Thailand for six weeks at a proper training camp soon enough so he can’t really complain! Anyway the conversation came around to general training and fitness and I suddenly realised just how much I was actually doing. Keep in mind that not much longer than six months ago the only exercise I got was walking to the bus stop or the pub…

Monday – weights & cardio*
Tuesday – Muay Thai
Wednesday – weights & cardio*
Thursday – day off
Friday – weights & cardio*
Saturday – distance run, adding 10% to distance per week (and possibly Muay Thai)
Sunday – weights, cycling & Muay Thai

* Cardio work is mostly different running work-outs on the treadmill e.g. intervals, hill work or endurance but sometimes means cross-trainer or rowing machine, between 30 mins and 1 hour. Weights alternate between 2 different routines for different muscle groups, each taking about 40-odd minutes.

Add to that the fact that I cycle to work and Muay Thai (each being a 3-mile round trip) and I’m working on a stretching routine to do each morning to improve my flexibility for Muay Thai, particularly in the legs, and it comes to an insane amount of work. I’m not kidding when I say I probably did more exercise and burned more calories this month so far (3 weeks) than I did in the last year at my last job (May ’07 – May ’08 )

I guess that could go some way to explaining a few changes in my life, namely the disappearance of the beergut, the sudden appearance of muscle in all sorts of places and that fact that, despite my life having turned to shit in the past several months, I seem to be strangely happy, content and optimistic. Not only that but I actually have some measure of drive and ambition – none relating to work obviously but in other areas of life! It’s a strange feeling and I’m pretty certain all the exercise has been the key factor in turning everything around.

Now all I have to do is ensure I don’t become some god-awful fitness bore. That would be bad…


5 responses to “Weekly exercise routine

  1. So, if all is well and great and optimistic, where are the photos CBJ? Hum, I’m waiting here. Waiting. Waiting.

  2. Did you not read the list? Where in the bluest of blue hells am I meant to get time for photography??? Actually took a few shots down the Water Of Leith last weekend but they weren’t up to much, was still just trying to remember how the camera worked. Will try for a few more on Saturday…

  3. So… do you compete?

    I have wanted to get into
    this fisticuffs-kicking bit
    but I chickened-out. Reason being
    that I am too old (am 56) to have
    any of my internal organs and brain
    get slammed about, entailing injuries.

    But there is one aspect
    that practically all MMAers
    are terribly missing out on.
    Besides the common sense of it.
    (Ask me if you want to know).

  4. I don’t compete and don’t really plan to. I might try sparring eventually but that’s probably as far as I go – I’m just not a naturally competitive guy. For me it’s just a fun way to stay fit and work out a bit of anger without anyone getting hurt 🙂

    Also it’s not MMA that I do, not interested in that at all. It’s fun while the fighters are on their feet but as soon as it goes to ground it’s boring as hell! I’m curious as to what it is they’re missing though…

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