Whoop! Good news…

For the past month and a half I’ve been working with an internet marketing company in Edinburgh, following  a desperate six months spent partly unemployed and partly working at a pub. Due to the rather sensitive financial climate (and, as I discovered today, the fragile state I was in when I was being interviewed) I was only offered a three-month contract with a possibility of going permanent if things worked out. Obviously I jumped at it but ever since then I’ve been a bit on edge and saving every penny as I had no job security to speak of and was watching a new uber-unemployment story erupt on the news every day.

Well I’m just out of a meeting with my boss and it would seem I’ve put in a good enough show so far to warrant going permanent! It’s a huge weight off my mind and means I can relax a little in terms of money as well – maybe grab that mp3 player I’ve been after for a while as a reward. In the meantime, whoop!

2 responses to “Whoop! Good news…

  1. Delighted to read that, well done sir. You may still be a marketing whore, but at least you’ll now be a happy, permanently employed marketing whore 😉

    There’s a large celebratory dram with your name on it at the malt whisky society. Let me know when you fancy a trip.

  2. Will take you up on that but not till next month, I’m still officially booze-free till February (apart from Kirsten’s party of course…)

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