Two doses of coolness

OK, so I got the permanent contract today and that means I have a reasonably secure source of cash for the foreseeable future. Does that mean I can justify spending £170 on a fucking cool watch? I hope so, the shiny-shiny is calling me…

Also on the cool front is a bit of maths-related cubic tomfoolery, a guide to making your own Yoshimoto cube. I seem to remember having something very similar as a kid, it’s basically a cube made up of eight smaller cubes which can continue unfolding itself indefinitely – click the link to see what I mean.  It definitely violates some kind of universal physical law but would probably get off on a technicality if it ever appeared in court. Still fun though…

UPDATE – A third piece of cool for you. English Russia have a collection of photoshopped images speculating on how some iconic images and products would have looked had Russia been in charge of the world. The KFC logo in particular is fantastic…


2 responses to “Two doses of coolness

  1. There is always a way to justify 170 quid on a watch.

    …what is it with guys and watches? I mean, girls have shoes, but guys seem to LOVE watches…

  2. It’s not just watches, most watches are boring as hell – I mean using hands to tell the time? That’s so last millennium. But the watch I linked is (a) Japanese so inherently cool and (b) tells the time in an obscure fashion using LEDs so you’ll eventually thinks it’s too much of a pain in the assd to bother and just use the clock on your mobile phone or ask someone else the time, thus relegating your £170 watch to an uber-expensive wrist-based Christmas decoration. How do you get cooler than that? 🙂

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