Kiltreiser, Katy Bar The Door & Wildtype gig!

Praise the lord and sing halle-goddamn-lujah! It seems that my band, Kiltreiser, have actually got another gig and this time we’ve left it less than 12 months to sort it out! We’re playing at Henry’s Cellar Bar just off Lothian Road on Friday the 6th of March and will be appearing alongside our good friends Wildtype and, best of all, we’ll be witnessing the phoenix-like resurrection of the mighty Katy Bar The Door!

For anyone who doesn’t know (i.e. most of the world) Katy Bar The Door are my brother’s band and for a while, maybe three or so years ago, they were actually on the verge of hitting it big. They played a Radio One session, appeared on the T-Break stage at T In The Park and were building quite a following amongst the general public as well as the musical cognoscenti. However they are a bunch of seriously lazy bastards so after experimenting with a different line-up they decided, apropos of nothing, to call it quits. Everyone who knew them was gutted but not exactly surprised.

It’s with great joy that we welcome them back to the stage and here’s hoping the actually stick with it this time. Seriously, they’re that good. As soon as I get back to the flat I’ll upload some tunes so you can all enjoy the experience of the finest shouty-angry-lovely-rock in all the land.


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