Your own personal cycling lane

light-lane1As mentioned earlier I recently got my bike back on the road and have been using it to get to and from work, down to the Muay Thai gym in Leith and into the centre for shopping. I’d forgotten how much I loved cycling and the bonus is that all the exercise I’ve been doing over the past few months has made it so much easier – Edinburgh is a particularly hilly city but it doesn’t phase me at all any more. My favourite part of cycling in the city is getting back home after work – get the headphones on, blast some Suicidal Tendencies and zoom between the congested lanes of traffic at light speed, taking enormous pleasure at the plight of drivers stuck at a standstill in their metal prisons.

Sounds a bit dangerous? Well, to be honest you’re perfectly correct. Edinburgh has a cycle lane network of sorts but the lanes are faded, they suddenly disappear for no reason then start again half a kilometre down the road and drivers seem so used to them that they just ignore them half the time. That’s where this fantastic concept comes in – your own personal cycle lane that moves with your bike.

Basically the Light Lane projects a red line onto the road on either side of your bike, indicating a safe zone into which responsible drivers should not stray. It should get over the problem of faded markings, visibility problems at night and may even shock the more jaded drivers into actually paying attention to you. I suppose on the other hand drivers may be transfixed by the shiny-shiny and end up ploughing straight into you but that’s maybe a tad unlikely.

Really hope this gets put into production by next winter, would love to give it a shot…

(Hat-tip to Boing-Boing for the link)


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