Fancy Dress – ideas requested…

My friend Kirsten is having her 40th birthday party the weekend after next (Jan 24th) and it’s going to be a hell of a bash. Basically she’s going all Up-Helly-Aa on us so the festivities are going to include the burning of a viking boat  in the driveway (surely a rare sight for Musselburgh) and obviously for such an event fancy dress is required. Now there is no stipulation as to a them so I don’t have to find a viking outfit (they’re just Danish pirates anyway…). However I’m a bit stuck as to what I should dress up as.

The last time I was at a fancy dress party the theme was “60s” – note that it just said “60s” and not “the 60s” – so my friend Jon and I trawled the charity shops of Edinburgh to find tweed jackets, walking sticks, bunnets (flat caps) and the like. We arrived on the doorstep dressed as Jack and Victor from Still Game (click the link if you don’t know what I’m on about), the only two who had used their imagination in a room full of hippies, Beatles and Austin Powers lookalikes. Prior to that the manager from my old band took us to a party where he assured us the theme was porn star – we all duly arrived in seventies shirts, medallions, ‘taches, the works to find that he’d somehow managed to confuse “porn star” with “smart/casual”. Never felt so out of place in my life but it was a blast anyway 🙂

My finest hour in terms of fancy dress came on the 31st of October 2001. Yeah, that Hallowe’en. I had a couple of boxes of party poppers lying around so I taped them to my chest with duct tape, strapped a small digital clock above them and ran some solder wire from the clock to the poppers. Instant suicide bomber! I’ll admit it was in poor taste but I was drunk when I made it and I got my comeuppance – people were popping them all night so the next morning my chest was covered in red welts from the mini-explosions.

melAnyway, back to the present day. Jon is possibly dressing as a heavy metal pirate, which is very cool but I can’t copy him. My idea is to go as three ages of Gibson. “What is that?”, I hear you ask. Basically on my lower half I’ll have my battle kilt (William Wallace, Braveheart), my torso will be a checked shirt, police badge and gun (Riggs, Lethal Weapon) and I’m going to track down a bushy beard and wig, stare wide-eyed at people and shout random insults (Drunk-driving anti-Semitic freak, Real Life). How’s that for a conversation starter? At the very least I can guarantee no-one else will have the same costume…

Anyone got any suggestions in case this one falls through? I’m all ears…


7 responses to “Fancy Dress – ideas requested…

  1. Music Pirate. CD for an eye patch.

  2. That is genius – simplicity rules 🙂

  3. sweet jesus. that is brilliant. [both your’s and Christina’s!]

    You could always go as yourself, circa 1991. I don’t know what you looked like then [or hell even now]…but really, it could be interesting depending onhow you’ve changed…

  4. Steven Rudland

    All right mate.. searched for Jack and Victor as fancy dress in Google, and you’ll be glad to know you’re top of the search! 🙂

    Wondering if you could give me any tips on how to age the skin, getting the eyebrows/moustaches to the right colour?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated! Cheers, Steven

  5. Afraid we didn’t go quite as far as ageing the skin, was very much a ramshackle, last-minute affair! We just sprinkled talcum powder on the hair and our beards, with dark enough hair it works out at a nice grey colour and lasts a surprisingly long time. Tried a quick Google search for ageing the skin but for some reason we can’t access it at work right now, our connection is playing up. Will keep trying and chuck you a mail if anything comes up – also got a mate who used to do make-up for the Edinburgh Dungeon so he might have some tips…

  6. Steven Rudland

    Thanks Cannonball.. My pal and I have until the end of April, but trying to get it fixed up as soon as possible so we can be sure it works – good to hear a success story from it. I’m in Edinburgh too 🙂 All tips greatly appreciated, and you have my e-mail (I think) so please feel free!

  7. Michael fraser

    Looking for jack and victor from still game costumes, could you help me?

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