Muay Thai – the dark side…

I went along to my second Muay Thai class tonight, decided to get right back along there seeing as I was on a night off from the gym and my Thursday creative writing class doesn’t start till the 29th. The class was a lot smaller this time round as the main instructor, Alex, teaches at a different club on Thursdays. So it was just six of us, four girls and the guy I was paired with last week.

We had a great warm up, very active and to a soundtrack of pounding metal rather than the nonsense chart music of the last session 🙂 Then it was onto techniques, focusing on using jabs to lead into other moves. The second move was a jab then a kick leading up into the ribs, both in very quick succession. All fine and dandy except Paddy managed to misjudge his first kick and battered the outside of my right thigh with full force. To be fair my pad was positioned slightly wrong but he was meant to be going for the ribs!

So I’m left with a knot of pain at the top of my leg which is going to be pretty much all I can feel tomorrow. Meh, such is the price of discovering a new hobby – at least I might get a cracking bruise to show for it! Oh, and on the bright side I started learning how to do flying knees and elbows – destructive aggression to the max…


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