Fraser Douglas

I enjoy linking to friends’ stuff, makes me feel like I’m exposing them to a global audience even though only a grand total of three different people have ever commented here. Unless you include spammers but I’m not that lonely yet.

Anyway, my pal Fraser Douglas is, like my bro’s girlfriend, another very talented human being. He’s been doodling away for as long as I can remember and has done some great comic-style work as well as the more photo-realistic stuff on his website. I remember years back when I was still at uni I gave him a pair of cheap-ass white trainers I’d acquired somewhere and he promptly returned them covered in biro drawings of Jay and Silent Bob. Wish I still had those shoes but I think they were destroyed after one too many violent gigs 🙂 Anyway go have a look at his stuff, not many paintings on the site but it’s a taster at least.

Daydreams No. 1 by Fraser Douglas

Daydreams No. 1 by Fraser Douglas


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