Wind! Feck!

Well the Great Winter Run kicks off in roughly 2.5 hours and the weather isn’t being as kind as it could. It’s blowing a gale outside and the BBC  are forecasting 23mph winds (nooooooooo!!!) but I suppose it’s not as bad as it could be.  For starters it’s not raining, and when it’s this cold rain would have been a race killer.

(Interruption – a bright plue plastic bag has just gone floating past this third floor window as I type. It was very pretty for a piece of non-biodegradable rubbish, looked like it was having the time of its life…)

Back to the weather. The wind isn’t as bad as it could be either, it’s blowing to the north which means we should be shielded from the worst of it on the uphill section of the course, run into it on the downhill and have it at our backs on the final flat stretch. We’ll be running into it during the mid-section which pretty much scuppers any chance of getting a good time but I suppose being surrounded by 2,500 other runners may ameliorate the worst effects. As long as I stay in the middle of the pack they can all act as Operation Human Shield until, onthe home stretch, I tap my last reserves of power and burst through to a glorious finish!

Anyway I’ll post again in a few hours with my final time, fingers crossed for under 24 mins…


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