Over the moon

Yay, I just finished my first ever race and I’m happy as a pig in shit. Despite the freezing cold, high winds, congested track and my own inexperience I managed to beat my previous best around Arthurs Seat (24mins 30 secs) with a cracking time of 22 mins 45 secs! I thought I might have made 23’30 but this has just blown me away. I’m actually proud of myself!

It was a cracking event and really well organised, the crowd was in high spirits and I just don’t think it could have gone better.  Everyone got herded into their starting positions in plenty time and there was a welcome mass warm-up routine compered by an annoyingly enthusiastic but well-meaning Mr Motivator type. Before I knew it we were at the starting line and under way.

The first few hundred metres of the course were nice and flat with the wind at our backs, a welcome warm-up for the hill to come. I was dreading this because on my last attempt I’d near exhausted myself by the top but it’s so much easier with other runners around you – I just picked someone with a similar pace and tagged on behind, before I knew it the hill was gone and we were on the level mid-section.

I know I could have shaved off some time on this section and will definitely doit better in my next race – I forgot all about things like racing lines and how to overtake. It’s prettty much common sense but I suppose my mind was really on getting through the race rather than getting the time.

The downhill section was great but not as fast as I might have expected thanks to a bit of a headwind at the start of it. Still there were plenty of people going hell for leather, myself among them, and it really fired you up for a quick finish along the home  straight. Crossed the line with my head held high, collected my goodie bag and headed back to the homestead so full of  adrenaline and good spirits that I could easily have run the course again.

Really can’t wait for my next race now. Bring it.


One response to “Over the moon

  1. Motherfuck yeah! CongratS!

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