My bro’s significant other

I’ve been browsing a fair few photography/art sites of late for no good reason and it reminded me that my little bro’s uber-talented girlfriend, Lindsay Mathers, has a simple wee website displaying a few of her portraits. She’s a hell of a good artist and actually displayed several of her portraits during my dad’s second wedding a couple of years back – very brave of her considering the crowd! She also currently weaves her own rugs out of fleece in the living room of their wee cottage, makes placemats and coasters out of slate and recently built an enormous chicken run for their two egg-machines. Yeah, the kind of creativity and talent that makes you jealous, sick and proud in equal doses. As soon as I get a new flat I’m demanding that she decorates the whole damn thing.

Anyway,  check out her site. There’s not much there and you can’t buy anything but you can always send her an email and ask if she’ll make you a rug…

Chloe by Lindsay Mathers

Chloe by Lindsay Mathers

Will have to start plugging the works of my other creative pals, then I can be cool by association 🙂


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