I got Campbell Fever!

Praise the lord and sing hossanah, the king of kings is coming to my town (and presumably riding in on some kind of undead ass…). That’s right, Bruce Campbell himself is gracing Edinburgh with his godlike presence for an exceptionally rare public appearance at the Cameo cinema next month for a brief Q&A session followed by a screening of his latest project, My Name Is Bruce.

For those of you unfamiliar with the man he is a humble, exceptionally cheesey and large-chinned B-Movie actor, most famous for his starring role as Ash in the Evil Dead trilogy as well as a host of minor roles, cameos (see the recent Spiderman films), TV spots (currently in Burn Notice on the FX channel in the UK) and, to cap it all, the finest on-screen depiction of Elvis EVER in Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Ho-Tep. If you haven’t seen that yet I urge you to buy, stral or download it immediately. The basics – Elvis is living in a Texas nursing home (that’s right, he’s still alive) and trying to handle life with cancer of the cock when he’s suddenyl forced to recruit his friend JFK (yes, that JFK, played by the late Ossie Davis – yes, the black Ossie Davis) to help him combat an ancient mummy who has invaded the home and is sucking the souls of the elderly out of their arseholes. Yes, it sounds stupid. And to a certain extent it is, but it’s also a rather moving and poignant story about friendship, ageing and adversity – seriously. And Campbell actually out-Elvises Elvis himself.

Bruce truly is a god, an idol of horro movie fans across the world, and the rarity of his public appearances makes this event all the more seat-moisteningly exciting. I’ll face the fact that this event is going to be so massively in demand that I actually stand very little chance of securing one of the couple of hundred tickets that go on sale this Monday. It’s enough to know that he’ll be here 🙂

I’ll leave you with a clip of one of his more recent works – did I mention he’s the spokesman for Old Spice deodorant in the States?


One response to “I got Campbell Fever!

  1. Give me some sugar, baby!

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