Jesus Christ…

Apparently a vicar in England has ordered the removal of a crucifix from his church because it “expressed suffering, torment, pain and anguish. It was a scary image”

Now excuse my ignorance, but wasn’t that meant to be the point? I mean it’s not like the Romans stuck ol’ JC up on that thing as a reward for having the best-kept garden in all of Jerusalem, is it? It was a torture device folks, an evil vicious way of ensuring a great deal of suffering before a slow and painful death, and now millions of people go about their daily lives with a miniature version hanging around their necks! Oh Bill Hicks, I miss you so…

And according to the Bible, doesn’t the whole redemption thing boil down to the suffering and torment anyway? If he’d just passed away quietly in his sleep we’d all be screwed! Methinks this vicar needs to go watch the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre (aka The Passion Of The Christ) – Mad Mel may be mental but at least he got the bloodshed quota right.

Enough about that though, it’s too easy a target for mockery and hence no fun. I endured my own form of torture last night by attempting interval training for the first time, not the easiest thing I’ve ever tried. Basically it involved getting on the treadmill and doing alternating speeds for set amounts of time – because I’m a wuss I started doing 2 mins at 9kph then 1 min at 12.5kph for 30 mins altogether. I didn’t think it would be that bad because when I run 5k I usually average about 11-12kph anyway but see the constant accelerating up to max speed? Absolute killer. I was pouring with sweat by the end of it, I mean sweat actually flying off me and obscuring the monitor on the treadmill!

That said, I probably felt better after that session than after my normal endurance/hill exercises, probably something to do with the higher intensity and shorter timespan, so it’s definitely going to be a part of my regular training programme from now on. I might even up the stakes to 1 min at 10kph and 1 min at 13kph just to see how I hold up. I may die but at least I’ll give the rest of the gym crowd a laugh when I go…


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