Bah. Ever since the troubles of last year I’ve been having sporadic problems sleeping, although to be fair I’ve never been the biggest sleeper in the world. That aside I thought I was over the worst of it but for the past five nights now – nothing. Well not nothing, but as good as – I’ll lie awake from 11 pm till maybe 2 or 3am then give up hope and catch the odd 15 mins here and there till about 5 or so when I’ll typically zonk out till about 7 and finally get up at 7:30.

Why this is happening I have no idea. I exercise every evening which should tire me out, I have no caffeine after about 11am, my diet is healthy, I read for a good while before sleeping, I try breathing and relaxation exercises I learned in a couple of yoga classes, I even occasionally take a beta-blocker or ibuprofen or whatever is around out of desperation. The doc gave me  proper sleeping pills (temazepam) last year but they leave me so groggy in the morning that it’s not worth it, and in any case if I used them every night I’d end up hooked. Nothing works. Just tossing and turning, heart pounding and my brain working a zillion miles per hour. It’s getting a tad annoying.

I know some possible causes:

  • Mulling over the events of the past three months, especially more recent developments. I do what I can to derail these trains of thought as soon as they start barreling through my brain but it’s more difficult at night.
  • New Year resolutions – I quit smoking and booze so obviously there’ll be some level of withdrawal to cope with, no matter how small.
  • Apparently surfing the net before bed can get your brain a bit wired. However I’ve stopped that and replaced it with reading again.

However, even all of these combined don’t explain five nights with barely one night’s worth of sleep. Bora on Blog Around The Clock linked to an interesting book excerpt which notes that experiencing insomnia may kickstart a vicious circle. Basically you have an episode or two of being unable to sleep and this triggers anxiety in the coming nights which make it even more difficult to get back to sleep. The initial causes of the insomniac episode have dissipated but the insomnia continues to feed itself as it were. I know for a fact that this plays a role in my situation, I dread the hours spent lying awake and that dread translates into an inability to drift off to sleep.

I wish someone actually read this blog so they could offer some suggestions 🙂 Oh well, tonight I guess I might just lie awake and write endless posts in the hope that my grey matter finally gives up the ghost somewhere close to midnight at least…

LAST MINUTE EDIT: If I had a copy of this film I’d never want to sleep again, just continually watch it and Machine Girl back to back

3 responses to “Insomniyawn

  1. I’d like to say that your blog has cured my current bout of insomnia, but that wouldn’t really be a compliment, would it? Nice work sir, an entertaining and inspiring read.

    I’m finding it a little bizarre that this is the third blog by someone I know that I’ve stumbled upon in as many months.

    As for the insomnia, Ray Davies may have the solution, although I have my doubts about it’s effectiveness.

    Still, at least if you can’t get some kip, you can dig out Muswell Hillbillies, sit back and enjoy the genius.

  2. Doc, you are wrong in the face. You can’t be watching Ray Davies at 5:30 in the morning! At the very least it should be Soulfly…

    Wondered how long it would be before someone I knew stumbled on this – out of curiosity how did you find it? I’ve already had searches for ‘gym porn’ and ‘human cannonball fancy dress’ 🙂

  3. Have taken the Kinks advice and had a cuppa tea, hauled my arse to work and moved on to [Playing MPEG stream from Mastodon – Leviathan – 03 – Seabeast.mp3]

    I originally found this blog a couple of weeks back on a kiltreiser search through google. I was wondering if you and your cohorts had made a new site for the band yet.

    This morning, however, I was strangely drawn back through an up-helly-aa fancy dress string! No blogs get hammered by spam, the spiders seem to love ’em.

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