Back to work…

Well the holidays are well and truly over then. Back to the daily grind, but to be honest today passed quick as hell thanks to some scintillating email chit-chat and the fact hat I was doing that kind of mindless grunt work that allows you to switch your brain off for a while and just coast by. During said coasting period I managed to do some serious, prime-time ruminating on marathons (scary), the band (need to sort a gig asap), money (selling a load of stuff, should have a good bit of cash soon) and all sorts of other wonderful topics. I also read a cracking interview with the godlike Bruce Sterling about the general state of the world today, well worth a read.

Had a nice tiring evening to help me wind down as well – 8km in 45 mins on the treadmill followed by listing all my DVDs (164 of them!) so I can flog them to workmates and other assorted associates. Managed to find a buyer for my Wii as well so all is rosy – I’ll soon be free of all crappy material possessions and merely have to tow roughly half a ton of books around after me. Now I’m off to bed cause i r deid.

I’ll leave you with this Audrey Kawasaki painting cause she’s awesomeness

Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki


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