Weights, Fat and Pain

Yay, the gym is finally open again after an agonising three days of closure over the Hogmanay period – those Edinburgh Leisure staff are lazy bastards! Went in with renewed vigour and decided to up my weights programme and do a solid half hour each on the cross trainer and bikes. I think hitting the lower time around Holyrood yesterday must have given me more of a boost than I realised!

I also decided to get my body fat percentage measured so I could start taking regular readings and see how I was getting on. Now I know these machines aren’t the most accurate in the world and I was more interested in seeing the ongoing trend than any specific numbers but I was still quietly pleased to get a reading of 12.5%. According to the instructor on duty this is  off the bottom of the scale for your average male my age and right at the lower end for athletic males! I’ve read online that athletic males can go well below 10% though and I reckon 10% would be a good level to aim for – that should be the end of  my beergut and manboobs…

On another note, if you’ve just been in the gym for two and a bit hours and upped your weights then it’s a bad idea to go to your storage locker, rummage through all the heavy furniture and attempt to extract all your DVDs and CDs (in order to sell them). Mission accomplished but – owwww!!!


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