New Year! New blog!

Aah, the sweet smell of 2009…

For many valid reasons, which will doubtless get dragged out should this blog continue, I declared 2008 The Worst Year In The History Of The World EVER ™ and awaited the turn of the New Year with excitement and relief. In fact it may have been the first time since 1998/9 that I actually gave a damn about it. With that in mind I changed the habit of a lifetime and actually compiled a list of resolutions – actual, honest-to-god, I’m-going-to-keep-them-if-they-motherfucking-kill-me RESOLUTIONS.

OK, I kinda cheated. Most  of them were already ideas I’d jotted down in a frenzy off planned self-reinvention (a possibly futile but quite probably wonderful plan to allow me to cast off some of the nastier debris of The Worst Year In The History Of The World EVER ™). Still, I reckoned some of them may be easier accomplished if given a specific start/end date and, let’s face it, ideas sound a lot more authoritative under the monicker “resolution” 🙂

Well, without further ado, here they are:

1. STOP SMOKING – an obvious one which has probably been made by at least a million of my fellow countrymen. This time I mean it though, fed up of waking up with a throat full of asphalt and barely able to walk down the stairs never mid run round Arthur’s Seat.

2. STOP BITING NAILS/EATING FINGERS – been doing this since I was a kid, with the finger-eating part getting progressively worse to the point where I’m disgusted by it. May be a tricky habit to break in conjunction with the smoking but I’m already two weeks down without biting a nail, an all-time record.

3. RUN A 5K RACE – easy, doing it next week
4. RUN A 10K RACE – if I can do 5 I can do 10
5. RUN A HALF MARATHON – eep! Start of April, it’s on baby…

6. GIVE BLOOD – did it once years  ago with an ex-girlfriend and ended up fainting in front off her brothers afterwards! I always harp on about helping folk though so it’s about time I pitched in again. No set date for this, not too close to a run though 🙂

7. THIS BLOG – there have been some half-ass blog attempts in the past, the only vaguely successful one being the one my ex-wife and I started to document what should have been The Best Year In The History Of The World EVER ™ but ended up being TWYITHOTWE ™. This time I’ll keep it going for at least, say, three posts…

8. CAPOIERA/MUAY THAI/WHATEVER – I’ve been wanting to find an active, social sport I enjoy for a while (running is a bit solitary) and really want something martial arts-based. Muay Thai is a possibility and would be a fantastic outlet for aggression, however it’s intimately linked with the reasons for 2008 being TWYITHOTWE ™. Capoiera just looks fucking cool and I want to be able to move like that, but on the downside I have pretty much zero grace, flexibility or any of the other essential ingredients. We’ll see…

9. CREATIVE WRITING – Edinburgh Uni runs some interesting looking creative writing classes and for once I’ve got the time, money and  something to write about. Very nervous about it but we’ll see how it goes.

And that’s it so far. A mere 9! Is that all??? I’m not going to be hard on myself when it comes to keeping all of these and to be honest I’ll be quietly pleased if half of them come together. There are more waiting in the wings – some which are a bit vaguer, some more personal and some which depend on other events outwith my control – which may be drafted in at some point. Let’s just see how I get on with these in the meantime though eh?


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